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ARZ Haan-Group invests in CoM.MeD

Haan, Sept. 16th, 2005 – ARZ Haan AG now holds the majority of CoM.MeD GmbH in Dortmund. In the future they will closely work together in the fields of healthcare networking, medical centres (MVZ), hospitals and nursing homes.

„For us, this alliance marks an important contribution to gain access to CoM.MeD's innovative technology and to be able to act on the healthcare market on a broader scale“, said Siegfried Pahl, from ARZ Haan AG's board of directors. At present there were no comprehensive solutions in the areas of healthcare networking and medical centres. New technological systems have already been announced, but will only be available on a middle-term basis. This is exactly the gap which will be bridged in cooperation with ARZ Haan AG, as Martin Zünkeler, founder and managing partner of CoM.MeD GmbH pointed out. „For an enterprise of our scale, the choice of an influential partner is of vital importance. With the 16 training centres all over Germany ARZ Haan AG provides an infrastructure, which is hardly matchable in healthcare. Furthermore, we can now offer security of investment and newest technologies to our current and future customers“, Mr. Zünkeler added.

In the Dortmunder Technolgiepark, CoM.MeD GmbH's 12 employees are currently devoloping a web- and java-based process management system called CareStation. Components of the integral solution are amongst others medical and nursing documentation and planning, operating room management, path management, web-based electronic patient records as well as time recording and staff management in the administrational sector. Until the end of the year, new staff will join Com.MeD's devolopment team.

This cooperation distinguishes itself by its complementary product portfolio. ARZ Haan AG, with its LAUER-FISCHER GmbH, is not only market leader in enterprise resource planning for pharmacies but also in the field of prescibtion billing for North-Rhine Westphalia and Brandenburg with its ARZ Service GmbH. With the RZH Rechenzentrum für Heilberufe GmbH, ARZ Haan AG is one of the leading contractors of billing for other healthcare service providers. In 2004 ARZ Haan AG achieved a turnover of more than 80 million euros and currently employs approximately 900 people all over Germany.

CoM.MeD is a spin off the Fraunhofer Institut and specializes on software solutions in the healthcare sector. The cooperation of ARZ and CoM.MeD also supports the healthcare market, which is networking more and more due to integrated care. Together they observed that also a lot of pharmacies can not only give a further impulse to the development of the settled market but as well should become or already are initiators of medical centres (MVZ).