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AOK PLUS selects ICW’s Integrated Solution:

AOK PLUS selects ICW’s Integrated Solution:
CARDIO Integral: Telemonitoring Heart Patients in Saxony

Walldorf, June 30, 2008 – Never again waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat because you can’t breathe – this is what patients suffering from chronic heart failure wish for the most. About 1.8 million people are afflicted by this disease in Germany alone. AOK PLUS insured mem-bers in Saxony suffering from chronic heart failure are now able to benefit from improved
telemedical care.

At the conclusion of a Europe-wide call for tender, AOK PLUS commis-sioned eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW) to implement a telemedical system to care for serious chronic heart failure cases in the German state of Saxony. ICW Care and Disease Manager will be used as the basis of this system. It already includes experiences made in the chronic heart failure project “Partnership for the Heart" conducted at Charité University Medicine Berlin and Robert-Bosch Hospital Stuttgart. Together with its project partners Sanvartis and Saxonia Systems, ICW ensures comprehensive telemedical 24-hour care by order of AOK PLUS as the participating physicians’ service provider.

AOK PLUS’ insured members in Saxony, who are registered with CARDIO Integral, are eligible to receive a blood pressure meter and a digital scale for improved monitoring of their disease. These devices transfer the patient’s readings using a wireless and encoded system to a base station in his home, which will transmit the encoded data via a regu-lar telephone line to a telemedical center where medical professionals monitor the data and intervene if required recommending that the patient visit his physician. In cases of emergency, rescue coordination centers, which are directly integrated into the system, will be notified. This tele-medical system thus contributes to increased patient safety and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations – an important step to increased independ-ence and quality of life.

The patients can choose to receive 12 months of telemedical care. Before the end of this period, they receive additional training to enable them to keep their disease under control without telemedical support. AOK PLUS will have the telemedical project scientifically evaluated. For this purpose, patients are e.g. regularly asked about their quality of life.