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Neogen Corporation

ANSR™ for Listeria Receives Added AOAC Matrix Approvals

Neogen ANSR

Neogen Corporation has received a matrix extension for its Performance
Tested MethodSM Certifi cation (PTM #101202) from the AOAC Research Institute for its ANSR™ for Listeria
In addition to the original claims, the following matrices are now included in the approval: pasteurized milk,
Mexican-style cheese, ice cream, smoked salmon, lettuce, cantaloupe, guacamole, and pasteurized liquid egg.
The original AOAC-RI approval from October 2012 covered the use of the ANSR system to detect Listeria in
environmental matrices that included sponge or swab samples from stainless steel, plastic, ceramic tile, sealed
concrete, and rubber environmental surfaces.
“Each time we receive a validation from an infl uential third party on any of our tests, it provides further
assurance to our many customers that our tests perform as expected. We expect no less, and neither should our
customers,” said Neogen’s Kristen Antonellis. “This matrix extension is in response to customer requests, as we
continue to work with our customers to provide the best pathogen testing options available.”
The issuance of this certifi cate from the AOAC-RI independently confi rms the performance of the assay as
equivalent to that of the FDA or USDA reference methods for Listeria detection in the stated matrices. The
ANSR system uses an innovative isothermal DNA amplifi cation process to amplify DNA to detectable levels
and fl uorescent molecular beacon technology for detection of the pathogen target. Combined with ANSR’s single
enrichment step, Neogen’s pathogen detection method can provide DNA-defi nitive results for Listeria in as little
as 16 hours from the time the sample is taken.
Unlike PCR-based methods, ANSR requires only a single reaction temperature, which completely eliminates the
time-consuming heating and cooling cycles of older methods. The ANSR system’s small benchtop footprint and
extremely simple test procedure make it an easy fi t in any laboratory workfl ow. Incorporating an internal control
for each assay, ANSR results are DNA defi nitive as well as rapid, providing a high level of confi dence in the
To learn more about the ANSR system:
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