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ALCOHOL visual tests for saliva and breath

ALCOHOL color test in saliva

A cost effective and simple strip with color pad for visual test on saliva, individually pouched in a luxury aluminium pouch ready to be sold to public.

After moistened with saliva, the pad gives in minutes different colors according to the concentration of alcohol in saliva, corresponding to the concentration of alcohol in blood stream.

Easy to use for a quick check of the alcohol content in any needed circumstance, from the control after eating or at the exit of a disco or a bar before driving, up to a control by parents on children or in centres for rehabilitation, in forensic market in case of accidents etc.

The pouch can be customized according to the country upon customer design and with distributor logo and the levels ( color scale ) can be adapted to meet any local regulations in the range from 0.2 to 3.00 g/ l.

This test is supplied in single pouch inside a presentation folder or a display box with various graphics and different color scales according to each country regulations. It is a forensic test, that means it s listed as non diagnostic test inside the EU IVDD directive and does not need the CE self test certification for being sold to public. The importance of this test when sold through pharmacies is that the message can be stronger and more preventive.


The Breath Alcohol Detector is a disposable breath alcohol indicator designed for one- time use.

It contains indicator chemistry that will undergo a color change in the presence of alcohol contained in the breath of the subject.

This product provides a reliable indication of alcohol present in the blood, based on the exhaled breath of the test subject when the instruction for use are carefully followed.

The test is done by squeezing middle of the outer plastic tube between thumb and forefinger to break the inner glass ampoule containing yellow crystals. Then blowing very hardly for 12 seconds inside the tube, shaking the tester to distribute crystals and reading color after 2 min.

Color is compared with a color chart having 3 main colors:

Strong yellow : 0%

Light yellow: 0.04% : caution, borderline value

Light green; 0.08% : high alcohol level, do not drive