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The detector provides integrated AED technology
that allows for seamless integration and no-hassle
implementation to your practice.
The characteristics and performance of the AirDRc
offers unprecedented direct panel workflow like
no other flat panel available. The AirDRcmakes no
compromise in rugged reliability. Its robust design
exceeds the demanding workflow requirements
of today's healthcare operations The panel is a
specialized design for ease of use, portability, table
work, wall stands, and exotic views. The detector is
powered by your choice of a Cesium Iodide (CsI) or
Gadox (Gos) scintillator, which provides practitioners
with the best options in affordability, lowered dose,
or increased resolution.
AirDRcis iCRco's most advanced real-time, low-dose
digital radiography solution backed by powerful
image acquisition software. XC acquisition is a
fluid workflow platform with intelligent imaging
algorithms and automated processing parameters
based on your procedure selection. The directed
workflow leads you to acquiring images with fewer
clicks, saving you valuable time. Step into a new era
of imaging with the revolutionary AirDRc