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AIREX® Balance-pad XLarge: Balance training in a new dimension

Experience balance training in a new dimension: Approximately 98 cm or 38½ inch in length, the options for using the Balance-pad XLarge are virtually endless.

Therapeutic and training goals can be achieved more quickly with the multifunctional Balance-pad XLarge. The destabilizing characteristics activate the control functions of the brain. Because of its special material, the Balance-pad XLarge provides just the right support, and intensifies the effectiveness of individual exercises. The Balance-pad XLarge is an ideal piece of equipment for training, both for beginners as well as those at the advanced level.

The Balance-pad XLarge is especially suitable for exercises in the lateral position or on all fours. By supporting oneself on hands and knees simultaneously, not only do the shoulders and hip joints benefit, but the entire spine too. Because of the size similar to a step, it also offers many possibilities for endurance training. In order to enhance comfort and safety, using an AIREX® mat for training is recommended.

The sophisticated waffle finish of the surfaces provides an effective stimulation of the foot receptors when training barefoot on the Balance-pad XLarge. Blood circulation in the feet is actively promoted.

The AIREX® Balance-pad XLarge was awarded the AGR Quality Cachet. The association AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) awards this cachet for products that promote a healthy back. The products are tested and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. The committee confirmed the excellent product quality combined with the therapeutical benefit the Balance-pad XLarge offers.

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Airex AG is a global market leader in the field of "gymnastics mats". This is on the basis of 50 years experience in foam technology. Exhaustively tried and tested materials and proven Swiss quality in the manufacturing process guarantee a long service life for the products, even under heavy use. AIREX® brand products meet or surpass the current legal requirements in relation to the materials they contain and the precautionary measures for accident prevention.

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