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Rebonson Inc.

AIO HD Camera System

All In One (AIO) HD Camera System can be used for tele -conferences and tele-education through Ethernet cables. The system works with or without a PC and can be applied in many different areas of medicine:
•in family medicine and telemedicine as a general exam camera
•in gynecology as a video colposcope
•in ENT (ear, nose, throat) as an video otoscope
•in dermatology as a video dermascope
•in proctology as a video rectoscope
This is the first HD medical camera in the world that has practice management software in the main system unit of the camera. Users do not need to install the software into their computers; they can simply connect the camera to a monitor. The device has High Definition image quality (1:4 Megapixels) and 1 GB SD card so doctors could save 80,000 pictures in the camera system. With or without using a computer, doctors could create the database of their patients, take before and after pictures, make comments to the images and directly print images with the data through a color video printer or save them into a USB flash drive. Other unique feature of the AIO HD camera is the ability of doctors to have real time video conferences with their colleagues.