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ADE (GmbH & Co.)

ADE Enlarged The Range


During MEDICA 2004 ADE for the first time presented the new range of MEDICAL SCALES AND MEASURING EQUIPMENT.

Meanwhile well established world wide and with a strong salesforce
ADE takes advantage of the 'most famous medical stage in the world' to present in 2005 their new and innovative range of FITNESS/HEALTHCARE SCALES.

'To appear every day in perfect shape and living a better and longer life' this is the headline of ADE's Fitness & Healthcare range!

How to make this 'maxim' come true?

If you are full of determination and a strong will-power belongs to your highest virtues you might be able to handle this project without ADE. Simply take a good advisor from a bookshop such as 'forever slim' or'eat healthy and remain fit until old age' accompanied by a critical view in the mirror every day - this may work out!

But luckily you are belonging to those happy people living the 'maxim' 'CARPE DIEM'. You might need ADE helping you to follow this philosophy of life without ever regretting even one single day!

Come and visit ADE during MEDICA 2005 in hall 14, booth A13
and get the sense for WELL-BEING day in day out!