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American Diagnostic Corporation

ADC introduces the Diagnostix (TM) Adstation Modular Wall System

ADC New Modular Wall System

Introducing the ADC® DiagnostixTM
AdstationTM Modular Wall system.
The ADC® DiagnostixTM AdstationTM
Modular Wall System puts all of the
essential diagnostic tools easily within
reach. For one exam room or an entire
facility, the AdstationTM Modular Wall
System is configurable and expandable
to include your choice of EENT instruments;
manual blood pressure or
ADviewTM NIBP, temperature and pulse
oximetry. Optional EMR connectivity on
ADveiwTM available too. The AdstationTM
Modular Wall System ensures reliable,
cost effective instrumentation, improving
workflow, patient care, and your bottom
• Expandable and modular
• Start with as little as a single
instrument wall transformer and
expand with up to 3 more connected
extension modules
• Choose from 3.5v Diagnostix Coax
or Coax Plus Opthalmoscope
• 3.5v Diagnostix Fiberoptic Otoscope
• 3.5v Throat Illuminator
• 3.5v Dermascope
• Choose from Halogen/Xenon or
AdLEDTM lighting technology
• Optional Diagnostix Clock aneroid
• Optional Adview Diagnostic Station
with NIBP can be expanded to
include Temp and SpO2 or any
combination in up to 8 configurations
with optional Bluetooth connectivity
• Optional Wallboard for simplified