ACEM will Present the Revolutionary System ABC® (AntiBacterial Coating) -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine



ACEM will Present the Revolutionary System ABC® (AntiBacterial Coating)

At the most important medical Trade Fair in the world, MEDICA, which will take place in Düsseldorf from 18th to 21st November 2009, ACEM S.p.A. (Medical Company Division) will present the revolutionary system called ABC® (AntiBacterial Coating).
Achieved thanks to the constant work made by the Research and Development Department of ACEM to create the best working conditions for Doctors and Surgeons and with the cooperation of Chemicals and Microbiologists of the Faculty of Chemists of prestigious Italian and foreign Universities, ABC® is a superficial treatment applied on surgical lamps produced by ACEM, made by the application of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) water dispersion.
TiO2 in nature is present in three different crystalline structures, rutile, anatase and brookite. The crystalline tetragonal structure of anatase is the one with the highest photocatalytic activity. It has anti-polluting, deodorant, self-cleaning and antibacterial properties. The study made by ACEM in cooperation with different Universities consists on the synthesis of nanometric anatase crystals water dispersion, which have been called TicleaniT®, creating an extremely efficient antibacterial activity. This process has lead to the creation of a transparent water dispersion coating containing TiO2 which, when applied to ACEM lamps (ABC® treatment) makes them antibacterial against different bacterial strains (GRAM-positive, GRAM-negative).
ABC® treatment is guaranteed for life, therefore it prevents growth and proliferation of the bacteria on the lamp, making it sterile and perfectly fit for the operating room.
We all know that in hospitals occur several cases of nosocomial infections, in fact “the estimation of infections on the surgical site stands for the third infection by frequency, determining a 14-16% of all nosocomial infections, and that 77% of death of the patients with infections of the surgical site is to be correlated with the infection itself”. Therefore ACEM has worked to create state of the art lamps, as well as to make them antibacterial.
ABC® treatment on ACEM lamps can be requested as an optional when issuing the purchase order