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A.M.I Announces the Sale of the EASYTAC™ Fixation Device

Boston, MA (June 22, 2007) – A.M.I., Agency of Medical Innovations, today announced that it has sold the EasyTAC Fixation Instrument to an undisclosed device manufacturer. A.M.I. is the device developer and manufacturer. MEDCHANNEL, LLC is A.M.I.’s exclusive U.S. Distribution Partner and secured the device’s U.S. regulatory approval. The EasyTAC device uses resorbable fixation elements for the approximation of soft tissue and fixation of surgical mesh to tissues during open or laparoscopic procedures, such as hernia repair. There are approximately one million hernia repair procedures in the United States annually.

A.M.I. introduced the EasyTAC fixation device in the European markets in April of 2005; MEDCHANNEL received 510(k) approval and commercialized the EasyTAC system in July of 2006, experiencing rapid growth and market acceptance since launch.

“We are very pleased to have MEDCHANNEL as our Sales and Marketing Outsourcing partner in the United States,” said Walter Egle, President of A.M.I., Agency of Medical Innovations, the device manufacturer, “Our collaboration was very important in driving this sale. We look forward to future successes.”

“Our successful commercialization of EasyTAC and A.M.I.’s sale of the device are significant milestones for our organization,” said R. Michael Dudley, President and CEO of MEDCHANNEL. “Our goal was to drive sales and distinguish the EasyTAC device in the U.S. market, thereby demonstrating commercial viability. The technology sale is significant in that it represents the first strategic transaction of a MEDCHANNEL Partner, validating our business model.”

MEDCHANNEL offers qualified emerging technologies an outsourced alternative to traditional paths to market and/or acquisition. MEDCHANNEL provides sales and marketing channels or a complete outsourced business model for medical device Technology Partners. For more information, please visit: www.medchannel.com.

A.M.I. is a leader in innovation, development and manufacture of medical devices in the General Surgery market and is located in Feldkirch Austria.