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66+ - Mobilization of the elderly generation

• 66+

66+ is a new developed concept of the company RECK, which orientates on the special needs of elderly people. The health complaints many elderly people suffer from get relieved by the MOTOmed MovementTherapy.

• Limitations in the age

If you reach a certain age a lack of movement is not random. Many elderly people suffer e.g. of Diabetes Type II, high blood pressure or other illnesses. Often those complaints are caused by a lack of movement and can only be relieved by movement. The problem most of elderly people have though is the limited possibilities to get moved.

• MOTOmed therapy

The MOTOmed MovementTherapy breaks the limited possibilities of elderly people to get moved. It helps them to get mobile again and to relieve their healthy complaints. The MOTOmed MovementTherapySystems have different operator modi available suitable for every capacity and indication:
- Passive moving with motor to obtain the flexibility
- Active moving with motor assistance to use actively the little muscle strength
- Active moving to obtain and to build up the muscle strength
Those special functions of the MOTOmed units assure perfect mobilisation training depending on the needs and possibilities of the users.

• Models of MOTOmed

- MOTOmed viva1 (leg- and/or arm trainer)
- MOTOmed viva2 (leg- and/or arm trainer) with big display
- MOTOmed letto (for people confined to bed)

• Interested?

You receive more information at the Medica 2007 in Duesseldorf (14.11.-17.11.2007) at the booth C48, hall 4 or on our webpage www.motomed.de

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