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Capp A/S

64 Channel Pipette

As a pioneer in high quality pipetting, Capp A/S sensationally introduces a tool for simultaneous pipetting of up to 64 samples within the range of 1-10 µl.

The novel CappAero™ 64 channel pipette is ideal for all 384 well liquid handling, including in PCR and microarray techniques, as it allows to pipette a large number of samples within a short period of time, and with a much reduced workload. In comparative studies involving kinetics, such as in microarray techniques, it is virtually indispensable, as it permits simultaneous start of many reactions. To assist a safe and precise pipetting onto microarray chips a special holder is available.

For 384 well liquid handling Capp equally offers an assortment of 16 channel pipettes in the volume ranges 0.2-2 µl, 0.5-10 µl, and 5-50 µl.