3QBD Provides Professionals with Cost Effective Diagnostic Tool for Diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis

Between 10-64% of the female population worldwide are affected by the vaginal disease Bacterial Vaginosis at any given time. The disease very often remains asymptomatic and so undetected. Amongst gynaecologic and obstetric complications caused by BV are miscarriages, preterm births, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), chorioamnionitis, puerperal endometritis and increased susceptibility to HIV. Many physicians do not routinely complete an examination unless a possible pregnancy is involved and yet this is the most common form of vaginal disease.

An Israeli based bio-device company, 3QBD, is set to provide a new diagnostic tool to enable specialists, general practitioners and laboratories dedicated to Women’s Healthcare, to quickly test, diagnose and so provide appropriate on the spot treatment. Their solution is the VGTest.

Based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology, already proven for detecting drugs chemicals and explosives, the VGTest is currently showing excellent laboratory results, and returning a diagnosis within 60 seconds. This is compared to the time consuming and standard Gram Stain test. The VGTest detects elevated levels of the amine TMA (Trimethylamine) present in a vaginal swab when an infection or dysfunction is present.

Future development plans for 3QBD include expanding the VGTest research into additional diseases, particularly in the field of oncology. Other applications will include food and livestock.

We require distributors for countries outside Europe.

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