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Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH

3D Laparoscopy System Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision is a laparoscopic surgery system which offers unequalled, best-in-class 3D-HD image quality, owing to state-of-the-art optical, electronic and mechanical technologies. Surgeons are delighted by the superior 3D depth perception which brings back a natural way of seeing into laparoscopic surgery and feel instantly comfortable with the ergonomic features of the robotic visualization system without any learning curve.

SCHÖLLY, up to now mainly known as OEM manufacturer with 38 years of history, is developing and producing 3D endoscopy systems for 15 years. The company is very enthusiastic to be a pioneer with the extraordinary product Einstein Vision, which will be presented directly to the surgeons.

Being active in the medical technology sector where innovation is key, SCHÖLLY continues to push the boundaries of minimally-invasive surgery with the new Einstein Vision.