3D Chip-In-Scope Endoscope with Sterile Concept -- MEDICA Trade Fair


German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e. V.

3D Chip-In-Scope Endoscope with Sterile Concept

SCHÖLLY has developed a 3D chip-in-scope endoscope system which stands out through its three-dimensional imaging and high image quality considering brilliance, natural coloring and depth of focus. It also features a very handy and ergonomic design.

Thanks to the innovative disposable sterile sheath system the chip-in-scope endoscope with its integrated camera head can stay in the OR and is immediately available for the next surgery. This guarantees a continuous OR process and makes new investments in additional endoscopes and camera heads no longer necessary. The amount of damages and loss in image quality which may result from transport and sterilization processes can be reduced.

SCHÖLLY presents their new developed 3D chip-in-scope endoscope withdisposable sterile sheath system, controller and light source for the first time at the Medica 2013 in hall 12, booth no. A63.

The objective is to establish this chip-in-scope design in 3D- and also in 2D-endoscopy, and to develop for endoscopic applications with a smaller outer diameter. Interested companies can receive a tailored solution according to their request as a customized development from SCHÖLLY. End users are welcome to get a first impression about the image quality of the 3D chip-in-scope system.


SCHÖLLY is a global engineering and manufacturing company, focusing on medical endoscopy products. Innovative strength and quality have taken center stage for the past 40 years of our company’s history, by visualizing the unseen through micro-optics, fiberoptics, electronics and software. Our advancements have made the inaccessible available for viewing or medical treatment.

At SCHÖLLY, we pride ourselves on continuous improvement, constantly making investments in advancement. We were, and remain today, the driving force in the transition from 2D to 3D visualization in endoscopy. The exploration of further product ideas for chip-in-tip technology, the usage of chip-in-scope endoscopes and the extension of applications of micro endoscopes from 0.35 mm in diameter are only some of our most important fields of activity.