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"GLIOMARK" receives 4.7 million EUR funding from EU for clinical glioblastoma trials

The European Commission approved EURO 4.7 million funding to the project "GLIOMARK" within the frame of Horizon 2020-SME-Instrument-Phase 2 (PHC-12). "GLIOMARK" is coordinated by the German SME ConsulTech GmbH and is implemented in cooperation with the Greek SME proACTINA S.A.. Objective of "GLIOMARK" is to clinically validate the permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB) as an in vivo biomarker for the diagnosis of gliomas. This will be accomplished by means of the radiotracer 99mTc-tetrofosmin (TTF) and the imaging technique Single-Photon Emission Computer Tomography (SPECT). The project receives funding from EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 673737).

proACTINA SA is a research-driven and innovation-focused SME in Athens-Greece and an “SME Instrument Champion” according to EU’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME). The company’s vision is to become one of the global leaders in brain tumor diagnostics in the next decade and frontrunner in biomarker research for brain disorders. proACTINA’s mission is to build in-house expertise towards the development of novel diagnostic tools as integrated parts of precision-medicine approaches. To accomplish this, ProACTINA will establish strategic alliances with key players within the Life Sciences and Personalised Diagnostic sectors. Currently, proACTINA is partnering with both academia and industry for the implementation of a “Horizon 2020” 4-year project aiming to clinically validate an in vivo biomarker for glioma. This project will lead to the manufacturing and commercialisation of a radiopharmaceutical kit for highly reliable and specific glioma diagnosis.

ConsulTech is a consulting company founded in 1992. Since then, ConsulTech has been supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies as well as research institutions with the entire process of setting-up and executing proposals for R&D projects. In projects funded by the European Commission, ConsulTech supports the coordinators by resuming administrative tasks allowing coordinators and partners to fully concentrate on the scientific and technical success of the project. It solves financial and administrative issues, organises meetings, takes care of the timely delivery of milestones and reports and much more.

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