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3-channel EEG biofeedback device + EEG/Sp02/HR recording & analysis

EEG Biofeedback training enables improvement of cognitive functions of the brain. It helps to achieve control over physiological processes taking place in our organisms. Biofeedback is used as a therapeutic method in case of children with scholastic problems, ADHD, people after brain injury, in therapy of some psychic disorders. It could be used to improve concentration of healthy people or as a relaxation training.

Equipment of device [desktop/portable]:

  • 3-channel EEG DigiTrack BF amplifier with possibility of oxygen saturation [Sp02] and heart rate [HR] measurement,

  • Sp02 NONIN X-POD sensor,

  • High-End PC with two LCD min. 21" monitors or laptop with one LCD min. 21" monitor

  • Laser printer for printing results of examination [for the desktop device only]

  • Specialized software for EEG Biofeedback trainings for analyzing and controlling the bioelectric activity of the brain during the training

  • EEG DigiTrack software for EEG recording, viewing and analysis

  • Set of 57 stimulating boards collested in 19 types

  • Funcion of training results comparison - “learning curve”

  • Patient Database software enabling patient registration, creating description of trainings, export of examination data, data archiving and creating statistics

  • Trolley with the surge protector [for the desktop device only]

  • Set of ear electrodes and cup electrodes

  • Conductive adhesive paste

  • User manual

Additional options: 

  • Stimulating boards

  • Carrying case

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplier