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20 Million US Dollars: Another Large Order for Siemens in Korea

Siemens Healthcare has landed another large order in Korea. The new Pusan National University Hospital in the city of Yangsan will shortly receive 44 medical systems from Siemens. Moreover, the hospital has concluded a service contract with Siemens including maintenance and constant remote monitoring of the systems. The order has a value of 20 million US dollars.

Plans are being made to boost Medical care in and around Pusan, the second largest city in Korea with 3.7 million inhabitants. To achieve this Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) is building an additional hospital in Yangsan, a city under development 35 km away from Pusan. In the new hospital complex, Siemens Healthcare will supply the departments of radiology, nuclear medicine, oncology, cardiology and emergency care unit with a total of 44 medical systems worth 20 million US dollars. The order includes magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography systems, angiography, X-ray and fluoroscopy systems as well as ultrasound units and systems for nuclear medicine and mammography.

PNUH Yangsan will offer more than 1,700 beds and comprise seven specialist hospitals, including a university hospital, a children's hospital, a dental hospital, a hospital for oriental medicine and a pre-medicine school. Some subsections will already be prepared to admit patients in November 2008. Planning calls for the entire hospital complex to open for full operation in 2011.

“We do not see PNUH and Siemens as simple relationship of End-user and Producer. Rather, we believe we are partners who can contribute to human health by using the most innovative solutions. We look forward to the intensive collaboration especially in the clinical research, ” said Hae-Kyu Kim, M.D., Director of Planning & Coordination at PNUH.

“This order is very meaningful as it is the largest order ever received from a public hospital in Korea. We are proud of having a long lasting partnership with PNUH. Hence, this success also highlights the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty.”, said Bernd Montag, Chief Executive Officer of Imaging & IT Division, Siemens Healthcare Sector.

Siemens Healthcare is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. The company is a renowned medical solutions provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies as well as in knowledge engineering, including information technology and system integration. With its laboratory diagnostics acquisitions, Siemens Healthcare is the first fully integrated diagnostics company, bringing together imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare information technology solutions, supplemented by consulting and support services. Siemens Healthcare delivers solutions across the entire continuum of care – from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, therapy and care. The company employs more than 49,000 people worldwide and operates in 130 countries. In the fiscal year 2007 (Sept. 30), Siemens Healthcare reported sales of €9.85 billion, orders of €10.27 billion, and group profit of €1.32 billion. Further information can be found by visiting www.siemens.com/healthcare