2014 TaiSPO Excellence Award -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.

2014 TaiSPO Excellence Award

GB7006 Recumbent Cross Trainer

Awarded product: GB7006 Recumbent Cross Trainer
Product Categories: Fitness Equipment &Accessories

GB7006 is a new innovate product with uniquely exterior combined with the recumbent and elliptical functions, and it is also has the patented designed for idler adjusting can extended the product usage and very easily to maintenance.

GB7006 can be both acting as an elliptical cross trainer or a recumbent bike with very lower impact to the body; especially this product can do the total body exercise with bidirectional movement.
Unlike the normal exercise product only can do one kind of exercise; normally a regular elliptical cross trainer can not have lower impact for user and a regular recumbent bike can not have total body exercises.

We designed GB7006 can suitable for all age-level users. GB7006 is built with very durable main-frame and very stable. Due to the elliptical motion, so it provides the smoothest and quieter exercises.

GB7006 also carries with swivel seat, so everybody can very easily access to the machine for exercising. GB7006 gave users more comfortable and very smooth experienced with lower impact cardio workout. Our vision is to make all of people can participate and enjoy in sports and fitness.

GB7006 is designed with high safety standard, energy saving and the most importance is 100% assembled in Taiwan.