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1st Iranian Blood Cap-screwing Machine Exported

First Blood Cap-screwing Machine under the brand name of “NOVA SCREW” was exported by the attempts of Iranian engineers. This machine was designed and built by Iranian experts in Novatis Teb Company. NOVA SCREW is a key one among the machineries in production line of dialysers which screws the blood cap on dialyzer housing. This machine is equipped with torque control system for screwing the blood caps with high precision. “NOVA SCREW was tested and launched first in production line of dialysers in Novatis Teb Co. and now it competes with non-Iranian ones” Managing Director of Novatis Teb Co. Ali Rezaee said. Designing, building, testing and calibration of Nova Screw were done by a group of Iranian engineers in 2 months. All electronic parts of this machine are from Iranian market and its mechanical parts were formed by Iranian experts. NOVA SCREW is well equipped to evaluate the quality of products according to parameters defined by the user. The machine is also able to record the occurred errors during the processes pf production and sterilization. All parts and segments of this machine are easily cleanable. Users may operate NOVA SCREW in two languages of English and Persian; other languages can be installed as well.

Author: Nazanin Ehsani Tabatabaee

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