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Alcare Co., Ltd.

“OPTICURE SPLINT” - A Brand-new Material for External Fixation

ALCARE Co.,Ltd. exhibits “OPTICURE SPLINT,” a fiberglass splint created with the visible light curing technology, at MEDICA.

“OPTICURE SPLINT” is a brand-new splint which hardens when exposed to “visible light” that is highly safe and available at most places. Traditional “water-curing” materials for external fixation are hard to use, or require troublesome preparation, in some cases, at both operation rooms and disaster sites. “OPTICURE SPLINT” allows for easy fixation, even in such cases. The new splint proved its excellence in the relief activities of the Great East Japan Earthquake as well.

■ Major features
● Does not use water, and is safe and easy to use.
With “OPTICURE SPLINT,” you have no need to prepare water. There are situations in an operation room, treatment room, or a hospital unit, where you want to avoid use of water as far as possible. At sites of a disaster and in other outdoor situations, it is often impossible to prepare water. In these situations, with “OPTICURE SPLINT,” you can easily apply external fixations, hygienically.

● Hardens soon when exposed to visible light.
Just expose “OPTICURE SPLINT” to operation lights, dispensary lights or other medical light sources. It hardens in 20 seconds or so.

● Easy to handle
“OPTICURE SPLINT” does not become hardened unless exposed to light. You can handle it with ease, for a large variety of applications. Also, it is thinner than traditional splints.

■ Potentials of the visible light curing technology
A visible-light-curing resin can be coated over many different substrates (woven cloth, unwoven cloth and others). We are planning to expand uses of this technology to many applications which utilize light curing, not only to splints.