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German Healthcare Export Group e.V. / GHE e.V.

“A clear decision for MEDICA“

Markus Braun (Chairman, German Healthcare Export Group)

GHE: How important is MEDICA in an International comparison of global medical technology trade fairs?

Markus Braun: If you believe the self-portrayal, MEDICA, which annually takes place in Düsseldorf, is the World’s largest International Trade Fair for Medical Technology. With over 130,000 visitors, it certainly is one of the “heavyweights“. MEDICA has International character. Almost half of its visitors come from abroad, and you hear a lot of English with various accents during exhibitions days. This makes it the most important event for the National as well as the entire International trade.

GHE: In Asia numerous new events are emerging. How do you rate their importance?

Markus Braun: By now Asia has medical technology trade fairs with substantially larger attendance, but they often have a pure “local” character. Primarily companies that are not at all or barely known in Europe showcase themselves. Without any knowledge of Asian languages, it is barely possible to conduct effective conversations as an exhibitor.

GHE: How has MEDICA developed over the past years? Where is it headed next?

Markus Braun: The structure of the trade fair has changed in recent years. In part there are large exhibitors, which focus on a two-year rhythm. On the other hand, others do not. The exact causes for this are too multifaceted to be discussed here. Interestingly enough, this does no damage to the trade fair. It is stronger than ever before and has also become more interesting. Even customers that get lost in the maze of trade stands during their search for a specific exhibitor, find solutions at other stands. I believe that MEDICA is essential as an information exchange. The entire spectrum of medical technology is present here. And customers obtain an excellent overview on products, services and trends in the many different disciplines. And let’s not forget the Internet presence of MEDICA, by now a daily up-to-date industry portal, that invites professional inquiries and leads to fast search results.

GHE: What importance does MEDICA have for the German Healthcare Export Group (GHE)?

Markus Braun: Especially for the GHE as an inter-trade organization with its focus on export, which primarily consists of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also as a representative of GHE member Meiko, MEDICA provides the opportunity to obtain National as well as International new contacts and also deepen existing contacts via a trade fair visit. Through face-to-face contact at a trade fair, news, innovations and new products can be introduced to an interested audience of experts and explained in detail. Whether this has also turned MEDICA into one of the most important trade fairs for our industry sector is something each company needs to decide on its own. We, the German Healthcare Export Group, have made a decision! And we will be at the MEDICA for our National and International customers.

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