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Gram Commercial A/S

"Small footprint" refrigerators and freezers from Gram outstrip semi-professional alternatives

Previously, refrigerated storage of temperature-sensitive biomaterial necessitated the purchase of expensive, physically large refrigerators and freezers.

Now, though, Gram Commercial has launched BioCompact, a brand-new series of "small footprint" refrigerators and freezers that boast considerably higher specifications than any other make in the 125 to 350 litre size range.

The BioCompact models thus provide a professional alternative to the many domestic and semi-professional refrigerators and freezers still found in laboratories and research environments due to a lack of professional cabinets of suitable size at prices lower than high-end products.

The series is ATEX certified both internally and externally, providing maximum flexibility in where a BioCompact cabinet can be placed. This feature is unique for cabinets in this class. Another problem solved by the series is the safe storage of biomaterial. BioCompact utilises ventilated cooling. This eliminates the problem of a cold rear inside wall, contact with which may critically damage temperature-sensitive biomaterial. In addition, stored items are protected by a sophisticated alarm system, supplied as standard on all BioCompact II models.

The series will be launched with the same extended warranty as the high-end Gram BioLine series from Gram Commercial A/S.

- Gram Commercial has manufactured and marketed refrigerators and freezers for the bioscience sector since 1972.
- The BioCompact series is the latest addition to the Gram BioLine family, which consists of five series designed for the bioscience sector.
- BioCompact models are also available as BioCompact II variants featuring extended alarm functions.
- The BioCompact series has been launched with a full five-year warranty.
- The BioCompact series features a comprehensive range of accessories, including various shelf and drawer systems.
- All BioCompact models offer low-temperature protection as optional extra.
- All BioCompact models use HFC-free refrigerants and insulators.

For further information, please contact our sales department by calling +45 7320 1300 or sending an email to info@gram-bioline.com. Or visit www.gram-bioline.com.