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MELOS Medizinische Labor-Organistations-Systeme GmbH

"Position yourself - Position your LAB"

Successful laboratories position themselves reliably at the top of the competition, because they differentiate themselves from their domestic and foreign competitors. MELOS - as your innovative IT service provider – supplies an important basis for this: Networked LAB workflows and leading technologies in the laboratory, perfectly adapted to individual requirements.

By means of LAB Apps, function oriented modules with open, standardised interfaces are integrated as powerful Applications. The new quality control management and data mining with evaluation of patient protocol (TAT = Turn around Times) are an expression of this constantly ongoing development.

MELOS Diagnostic Network shows live at the MEDICA an interactive, web-based communication with customers as a sensible supplementary element for order entry, upon request as an SAA model (software as a service), also independent from the former LIS system. The new import monitor for HL7-/LDT-/XML orders and flexible result generators, ensure a platform for the exchange of information.

The heart of your laboratory EDP is and will remain the data model. Transparent, uniform and completely documented as well as Cross Border Multilingual of course. Convince yourself!

- MELOS Diagnostic Network
- Result information + post-entry of order

- Online budget notification

- LDT file download
- Material ordering
- Communication system
- Interface for order entry systems
- MELOS data mining
- Easy access to MELOS oracle data model, external data records possible via data warehouse function
- Complex production controlling with evaluation of the order recording (Turn around Times)

- MELOS Quality control management (CQ)

- DB booking monitor with connection of external LIS system
- Parallel evaluation RQMA – standard processing (RiliBÄK) - Westgard
- MELOS CQ available in France

- MELOS immune haematology (blood depot)

- Complete re-design with integration of MELOS R 5.9/R 6
- Monitoring of all important supply and transfusion processes

- MELOS master data server (MSDS)

- Free grouping segmentation of all important data records
- Optimised routing and matching for external dispatch and internal laboratory group organisation
- Cross Border Multilingual

- MELOS import monitor, result generators

- Flexible interface for the electronic import (HL7, LDT, XML) of various formats and order entry system via uniform monitor
- Flexible Cross Border result generators