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Samarit Medical Industries Inc.

"No Lift" Patient Transfer Products


CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Nov. 6, 2013 – Samarit Medical Industries Inc. (Samarit Canada) will return to MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 20-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with new models of the company’s patented “no lift” Samarit Rollbord ™ device and recent research evidence indicating it is the safest and most affordable patient lateral transfer device on the market.

Samarit Canada made its MEDICA debut last year and visitor reaction to Samarit products encouraged production manager, Mike Lalani, to return this year with more to offer.

“We came last year with a half-dozen of our different Rollboards for different users; so this year we are coming back offering a wider range of our Samarit Rollboard product line,” says Lalani. “Samarit Hightec Rollboards now include our Professional RollBoard, Transfer Board, Ecolite Transfer Board and our H-Line Transfer Board products.”

Lalani is also returning with a new patient transfer study conducted in the United States by consultant and investigator Andrea Baptiste and Kay Steadman.

The study springs in part from U.S. Bureau of Statistics findings that healthcare nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants consistently suffer a high rate of physical injuries, only outranked by truck drivers and labourers working with shovels.

In their study and consequent report entitled “Independent Lateral Transfer Data Report Highlights” Baptiste and Steadman found that the Samarit Rollboard ranked first overall in a laboratory analysis of six methods of transferring patients laterally from one bed or surface to another.

Using simulated patient transfers of real people in a controlled setting, the researches focused on the peak forces placed on the shoulder and lower back of the caregiver by the effort of transferring the patient. In two weight categories of patients, 78 kg (171 lb.) and 102 kg (232 lb.), the Samarit Rollboard ranked #1 in order of least physically stressing in three out of four shoulder and lower back stress rankings, and tied for the lead with “Air assisted” transfer for the least lower back stress in the 78 kg category. (Other methods of transfer used in the study were Slide board, Incontinent pad over slide board, Friction reducing sheet, and Incontinent pad/draw sheet.)

“The report confirms for us that the Samarit board is the safe and easy way for caregivers to transfer their patients,” concludes Lalani.

Samarit Canada is affiliated with Samarit Medical Ltd. Switzerland and manufactures Swiss-quality products under license from Samarit Switzerland. The SAMARIT companies already distribute their injury-preventing patient transfer products to hospitals in over 70 countries.

At MEDICA 2013, SAMARIT will be exhibiting at booth G50 IN Hall 16 and welcomes distributors, the media, and caregivers to come see our products and even try some out.

For further information, please contact Mike Lalani, Production Manager at 1-519-658-2200 by telephone or info@samarit.ca by email. You are also invited to visit samarit.ca for more information on our growing range of products.