"Look into the Blood" – World Laboratory Day 2017


Again, this year on April 23rd, the World Laboratory Day is celebrated. It addresses the general public and answers the different questions around the theme laboratory. For that reason, laboratories and laboratory schools worldwide are open for the interested public and allow a look into the world of the laboratory.

Image: (Close up) Many test tubes and one pipette; Copyright: panthermedia.net/kwanchaidp

Laboratorys are very important for patient care. This is also remembered on the World Laboratory Day; ©Panthermedia.net/kwanchaidp

The term laboratory originates from the Latin word labore, which means to labor. And indeed, a variety of different activities can be found in laboratories, which have all the same goal in the end: the health of patients.

The laboratory plays an important role in patient care. Medical diagnosis without the laboratory are hardly conceivable. For example, about 70 percent of the diagnosis are based on or are confirmed by clinical laboratory testing. But many people are not aware of this. Therefore, around the World Laboratory Day, medical laboratories, laboratory schools and museums invite you to further explore the world of laboratory.

What characterizes the laboratory as a workplace? What kind of diagnostic methods do exist? What do they look like? What can be examined? These and many more questions will be answered. The program is not only addressed at interested people of all age, but especially at the future young professionals. In this field, many occupational areas can be found: Medical Lab Technician, human geneticists, Pathologist and molecular biologist, to only name a few.

You can find more information about the World Laboratory Day in the Social Media under #WorldLaboratoryDay.

If you want to get into the right mood for World Laboratory Day, you can also browse a bit on MEDICA-tradefair.com. A small sample of our editorial contributions regarding the topic laboratory and diagnostics can be found here.

Enjoy reading, watching and experimenting!  


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