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"Liquid freezing"-system with Cryogenic Liquid-gas

"Liquid-freezing" system with cryogenic liquid-gas
Since the technical gas liquefaction there are cryo-surgical therapy with cryogenic gas.
Opinions regarding to the destruction of tissue has a scope that fill libraries
for a long time. The focus here is again and again N2 (nitrogen)
with contact-freezing and spray-freezing including the Joule Thomsen effect.
Unfortunately, the equipment costs of the devices with nitrogen (N2), nitrous oxide
(N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and argon (Ar) were very time-consuming and expensive in the
previous time. These devices were usually reserved only clinics and hospitals, where anyway
N2, N2O and CO2 are present in large reservoirs.
The beneficial patient-friendly effect of cryogenic tissue destruction must no longer be
proven and requires here no further supplementation.
This has prestige to almost all indications which are occurring in daily medical practice
Besides the expensive apparatus equipment the lack of performance parameters turned
out to be a cause for non-reproducible results, unless the therapy was realized under the
art of skillful technically users.
That even did not change with the introduction of even smaller devices into the market
– on the basis of the principle “spray and contact freezing ".
Also the variety of gas mixtures offers of in spray cans or other prepared mediums are
only half thing and confuse the user, which is interested in the fascinating and effective
To enable for all professional users reproducible results, fixed performance parameters
such as temperature, cooling capacity and treatment time are indispensable. This goes
along specialized skills of the user, what last but not least defines the art of treatment
as a user.
The operation and manipulation require no special training and is very
learned quickly and easily. Up to harmless scars are injuries and side effects with skilled
hands impossible and don’t appear.
Draw here self an all-side comparison with popular laser technology,which requires by
the user a continuing training and accurate knowledge of the to expecting effects with
15.Juni 2001
the different lasers . "If you don’t need the laser, don’t use it," so the statement from
the laser pioneer self.
As a result of the further development of technical capillaries and filter material
it now came with us to the so-called chance’s innovation of the last possible physical
principle of the application (except contact- and spray freezing)
- the "Liquid freezing" - system.
This means that the tissue is acted upon cryogenic liquid gas - preferably with N2O.
The advantage of this principle is
a) The latent heat of liquid cryogenic gas with the transition temperature from
- 89 ° C / - 128 ° F is constant availably for the withdrawel of heat from the tissue
during the entire reaction time .
b) The freezing power is constant during the treatment based on the physically
conditioned primary pressure in the capsule.
c) Due to the direct contact of the liquid phase with the tissue the consumption of
cryogenic agent is close to the theoretically required demand of cryogenic agent.
(differently as by contact-freezing, here the heat transfer is indirect as also with the
spray-freezing there are a two-phase mixture with the lossy Joule Thomsen effect,
further large gas cylinders are required).
d) The constructive design of device particularly for minimally invasive therapy is due to
the room-temperature-controlled gas is exceptionally advantageous and simple.
e) The high primary pressure (50 bar) allows the tissue destruction even in very difficult
tissue’s areas .
f) On base of bundling of micro-capillaries the cooling capacity can be increased a
multiple is thus near by the N2 freezing capacity.
g) With the characteristics of our "Liquid freezing" - system
- very good handling and mobility - it has received a high user’s acceptance.
h) The filtering of the gas at 5μ (virtually free of germs) which prevents danger of
infection and identifies our "Liquid freezing" – System (only the gas company LINDE
is producing nitrous oxide in medical quality filled in small cartridges, made for
Thus, our "Liquid freezing" system offers the best application security
for the physicians for the benefit of patients.