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Phoenix Medical Systems Pvt Ltd.

"Brilliance" LED Phototherapy

D-Rev licensed Brilliance to Chennai-based Phoenix Medical Systems. Phoenix is the largest manufacturer and seller of quality neonatal care equipment in India with 70% of the market share of compact florescent bulb phototherapy devices in the country. Phoenix will manufacture, distribute, and sell Brilliance throughout India and much of the rest of the world. Over the next five years, D-Rev and Phoenix aim to treat two million newborns in India alone.

World-Class Treatment

Tests at Stanford School of Medicine show Brilliance to perform on par or better than state-of-the-art phototherapy devices.

Minimal Maintenance
Brilliance LEDs last 16-25x longer than compact fluorescent tube lights commonly used in phototherapy devices in low-resource hospitals. With Brilliance, hospitals can save over $200 per year on costly bulb replacements.

Adjustable & Easy to Use
Brilliance is designed for versatility of use, as dictated by medical staff in over forty hospitals. It meets UNICEF phototherapy specifications and can be used with hospital beds, bassinets and other treatment surfaces.