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Imaging and diagnostics /
medical equipment and devices

Diagnostics, imaging supplies, surgery &endoscopy devices, therapy and physical medicine, implants and prostheses, intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration, emergency medicine, rescue equipment, operating technology & equipment, hospital equipment, care equipment, hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
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IT systems and IT solutions

IT infrastructure / computer hardware, mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI), wearable technologies, smart textiles, eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry, administrative & medical information systems / software, communication systems
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Laboratory equipment / diagnostic tests

Laboratory equipment: analyser systems, centrifuges, microplates & microtiter plates, microscopes, filtration systems, glass / plastic & metal laboratory items;
Diagnostic tests: clinical chemistry, haemoglobin testing, electrophoresis testing, microbiology testing, immunochemistry testing, immunology testing, genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
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Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Hydrotherapy treatment equipment, bandages, occupational therapy equipment, waking & mobility aids, compression therapy equipment, shock wave therapy equipment, mobility aids, physiotherapeutic cold & heat treatment, massage equipment, rehabilitation equipment, orthopaedic feet aids, shoes and insoles, training equipment, rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs
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Disposables and consumables

Universal medical commodities, acupuncture equipment, articles for nursing, hygiene & medical cosmetic, batteries for medical systems, surface disinfectants, Hand hygiene stations / supplies, disposables, hearing aids, incontinence systems, stoma aids, catheters, sterile bags, linen, patient identification wristbands, personal protective equipment, wound care equipment, waste management
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News from the editors of

Many paths are open to neurons born early
When it comes to royalty, things are clear: The monarch's first child inherits the crown. Siblings born later must make do with a less glamorous profession. This is quite similar for some nerve cells in the brain. In their case, it is the time of their emergence that determines their further career. This is shown by a recent study by the University of Bonn.
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Why some people get a more severe COVID-19 progression than others
A team of scientists from the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) together with colleagues from the United Kingdom and Canada have found genes and proteins that contribute to a higher risk of severe COVID-19.
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New target structure against Corona
Fluoxetine, a common antidepressant, inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in cell cultures and in preparations from human lung tissue. This was demonstrated by researchers at Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg in the summer of 2020. However, the mechanism of this inhibition was utterly unclear, so the teams continued their research.
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Scientists develop gel made from spider silk proteins for biomedical applications
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have discovered that spider silk proteins can be fused to biologically active proteins and be converted into a gel at body temperature.
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Industry News

Vivo Surgical announces acceptance into Mount Sinai Innovation Partners Strategic Virtual Incubator, Elementa Labs
Vivo Surgical, a pioneering medical device company based in Singapore, has been selected to join the prestigious Elementa Labs program run by Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP), the...
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Vivo Surgical honoured with the esteemed WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Award
Dr Kevin Koh, CEO of Vivo Surgical, commented: “In just four-and-a-half years, we have built a company that focuses on addressing clinical needs with cutting-edge technologies. Being recognized with...
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Hunter Urology is now part of the Optimum Medical group
Hunter Urology is a British company specialising in continence care for people needing to carry out intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) or clean intermittent self catheterisation (CIC). Hunter...
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Mechatronic GmbH is now part of BAYOONET Group
Mechatronic GmbH extends range of services as part of the BAYOONET Group: The merger of Mechatronic GmbH with the BAYOONET Group gives customers from the fields of medical technology and...
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APD continues to innovate providing diverse power solutions for medical power supplies
Due to the impact of the pandemic, medical and long-distance Networking equipment have become the most urgent needs of the market. Taiwan’s leading power supply manufacturer – Asian Power...
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Systematic, maximum improvment.
Lean management is nothing new. Implementing it successfully in the long run, however, requires the collaboration of as many staff members as possible. For this reason, the WILD Group is launching a...
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Smart Glove Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Leading the Global Medical Gloves Industry with Pioneering Products and Creative Innovations
We won again four consecutive years in Best Practices Awards. In 2021, we are being recognized for the Technology Innovation Awards. These recognitions are strong testaments of Smart Glove...
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IUL will introduce at the Medica the brand new Fluorescence Lateral Flow Reader.
Discover the iPeak® Europium, IUL´s brand new Lateral Flow Reader. The iPeak® readers are IUL´s unique and extremely sensitive open system readers for your colorimetric or fluorescence lateral...
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Endolow® peptone catalog expanded with new wheat peptone
A few months ago, we introduced the new line of Endolow® peptones, a new generation of peptones developed to meet the needs of the BioPharma industry in its production processes of high value-added...
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ACRO Biomedical Expanding Global Market for Collagen Implant
ACRO Biomedical recently received notice from its patent agency, stating that the India patent "Preparation of High Purity Collagen Particles and Uses Thereof" was already granted on August...
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ESP: the Innovative Reusable Transparent Face Mask that will change your life!
The ESP screen mask is approved following the European regulatory approach, based on and in strict compliance with protocols issued from European standards. The ESP mask is made of...
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Opening of New Factory in Germany in September 2020
The Japanese Yamaichi Electronics Group has been producing in Frankfurt (Oder), the group's only production site in Europe, for almost 15 years. However, the production halls in the former...
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Longstanding Customer gets new Routine Equipment
Zürich, Switzerland – Micromed Group places seven new BRAIN QUICK Systems at the Swiss Epilepsy Center (EPI Clinic) in Lengg after refurbishment of the exam rooms. EPI-Clinic by the Swiss Foundation...
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Micromed Group is Strong in Mexico
MEXICO CITY – Micromed Group recently delivered a record breaking 34 NEUROWERK EMG systems to Mexico. Working closely with our distributor, TLM Tecno Lógica Mexicana, Micromed Group have successfully...
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New Headquarters
Throughout the end of 2021, Fortress were finalising our move into our new headquarters. Based in Antrim Technology Park, our custom built 30,000 square-foot facility is now open and a secure...
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M8: First Use of PBMT in COVID-19
BACKGROUND: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is associated with lung inflammation and cytokine storm. Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is a safe, non-invasive therapy with significant...
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Journal Of Inflammation Research: MLS® Laser Therapy and the consequences of interstitial pneumonia caused by COVID-19
The publication in the Journal of Inflammation Research entitled “Evaluation of Adjunctive Photobiomodulation (PBMT) for COVID-19 Pneumonia via Clinical Status and Pulmonary Severity Indices in a...
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ASAcampus on the International Space Station
ASAcampus involved once again in an experiment that will take place on the International Space Station. After having participated in the CORM experiment (2017) and in the XENOGRISS experiment (2019),...
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Innovative Biomimetic Microfluidic Technology Licensed To RheoMeditech To Enable New Diagnostics For Antiplatelet Therapeutic Window For Cardiovascular Patients.
A Korean IVD manufacturer RheoMeditech developed and commercialized highly sensitive, point-of-care, and cost effective diagnostics, applying a novel microfluidics platform that mimicks the vascular...
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New Launch – Hemostax®| Absorbable ORC
Futura Surgicare Pvt Ltd, a leader in the medical devices industry and has been delivering excellence in design, manufacture and distribution for the last 28 years with a focus on wound closure...
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Introducing Antibacterial Suture Range
Dolphin Sutures proudly presents to you Antibacterials, the World’s largest range of Antibacterial Sutures. With a focus on patient safety and providing confidence to Surgeons in a variety...
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Secure. Hygienic. Needle free. medK Needle free Extension Lines for Vascular Access
medK has launched a needle free solution for vascular access. The needle free connection offers a secure and fast access to fluid lines eliminating the risk of needle sticks. The extension line can...
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Owen Mumford introduces 16G safety lancet into Unistik® Touch range for high volume capillary blood sampling
Owen Mumford, a global leader in the design, manufacture and advancement of medical technology, today announced it has introduced a 16-gauge (16G) safety lancet for high-volume capillary blood...
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GeneProof merges with American Laboratory Products Company
BRNO, Czech Republic and SALEM, NH, USA – April 21, 2022: GeneProof a.s. (“GeneProof”), a leading molecular diagnostics company based in Brno, Czech Republic, today announced a merger with American...
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Owen Mumford launches Unistik® ShieldLock, ShieldLock Ultra, and VacuFlip safety blood collection devices
Owen Mumford Ltd has launched a new venous blood collection portfolio under its popular Unistik® brand. The new portfolio builds upon the company’s expertise and heritage in capillary blood...
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