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Imaging and diagnostics /
medical equipment and devices

Diagnostics, imaging supplies, surgery &endoscopy devices, therapy and physical medicine, implants and prostheses, intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration, emergency medicine, rescue equipment, operating technology & equipment, hospital equipment, care equipment, hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
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IT systems and IT solutions

IT infrastructure / computer hardware, mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI), wearable technologies, smart textiles, eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry, administrative & medical information systems / software, communication systems
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Laboratory equipment / diagnostic tests

Laboratory equipment: analyser systems, centrifuges, microplates & microtiter plates, microscopes, filtration systems, glass / plastic & metal laboratory items;
Diagnostic tests: clinical chemistry, haemoglobin testing, electrophoresis testing, microbiology testing, immunochemistry testing, immunology testing, genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
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Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Hydrotherapy treatment equipment, bandages, occupational therapy equipment, waking & mobility aids, compression therapy equipment, shock wave therapy equipment, mobility aids, physiotherapeutic cold & heat treatment, massage equipment, rehabilitation equipment, orthopaedic feet aids, shoes and insoles, training equipment, rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs
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Disposables and consumables

Universal medical commodities, acupuncture equipment, articles for nursing, hygiene & medical cosmetic, batteries for medical systems, surface disinfectants, Hand hygiene stations / supplies, disposables, hearing aids, incontinence systems, stoma aids, catheters, sterile bags, linen, patient identification wristbands, personal protective equipment, wound care equipment, waste management
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From the editors of

News from the editors of

Cervix: Research progress thanks to mini organs
Life-like organ replicas - so-called 3D organoids - are a good way to research disease processes. A team from the University of Würzburg has now presented a kind of blueprint for such a model of the cervix.
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New method melds data to make a 3-D map of cells’ activities
HZI researchers develop molecular probes to detect pathogens in clinical samples.
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Scientists identify characteristics to better define long COVID
Using machine learning, researchers find patterns in electronic health record data to better identify those likely to have the condition.
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Clinical support software improves efficiency and quality of care in the OR
Preventing medication administration errors and improving efficiency during surgery enhances patient care.
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A bright spot for microbiological diagnostics
HZI researchers develop molecular probes to detect pathogens in clinical samples.
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Nanosensor platform could advance detection of ovarian cancer
Lehigh University researchers, part of multi-institution team, use the fluorescence of carbon nanotubes and machine learning to create a ‘spectral fingerprint’ of a hard-to-diagnose cancer.
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Smart pacifier to monitor infant health in the hospital
A wireless, bioelectronic pacifier could eliminate the need for invasive, twice-daily blood draws to monitor babies’ electrolytes in Newborn Intensive Care Units or NICUs.
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Process chains for isolation and analysis: from single cells to organoids
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT are working on new tools for the preparation and analysis of single cells and cell assemblies. The team developed the "Liftoscope", a system for cell sorting for subsequent cultivation that can analyze and transfer biomaterials precisely and in a way that is gentle on cells.
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Hyperpolarized nuclear MR: more precise diagnoses and personalized therapies
Hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic resonance enables major medical advances in molecular diagnostics, for example for cardiovascular diseases or cancer therapy. Within the framework of the EU collaborative project "MetaboliQs", seven partners developed a microscopy method which enables the analysis of metabolic processes at the single cell level by means of diamond-based hyperpolarization.
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Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate
Imagine being able to measure your blood sugar levels, know if you’ve had too much to drink, and track your muscle fatigue during a workout, all in one small device worn on your skin. Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a prototype of such a wearable that can continuously monitor several health stats—glucose, alcohol, and lactate levels—simultaneously in real-time.
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Virtual reality to give UTSA students unique look at proteins
Francis Yoshimoto, assistant professor in the UTSA College of Sciences’ Department of Chemistry, is introducing his Biochemistry II laboratory students to a new way of learning—using virtual reality headsets to observe and analyze protein structures.
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Industry News

Owen Mumford introduces 16G safety lancet into Unistik® Touch range for high volume capillary blood sampling
Owen Mumford, a global leader in the design, manufacture and advancement of medical technology, today announced it has introduced a 16-gauge (16G) safety lancet for high-volume capillary blood...
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GeneProof merges with American Laboratory Products Company
BRNO, Czech Republic and SALEM, NH, USA – April 21, 2022: GeneProof a.s. (“GeneProof”), a leading molecular diagnostics company based in Brno, Czech Republic, today announced a merger with American...
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Owen Mumford launches Unistik® ShieldLock, ShieldLock Ultra, and VacuFlip safety blood collection devices
Owen Mumford Ltd has launched a new venous blood collection portfolio under its popular Unistik® brand. The new portfolio builds upon the company’s expertise and heritage in capillary blood...
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The NATURE - Scientific Reports® - for the first time publishes the results of the of research conducted in Poland on Artificial Medical Intelligence conducted by a team of scientists from the listed
Medical-technology company MILTON ESSEX SA (listed on the NewConnect market since 2021) is the co-funding leader of the research program, part of a broader project on the use of Artificial...
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Health Sector Coordinating Council’s Recommendations for Enhanced MedTech Cybersecurity Receives Further Industry Endorsement
Velentium’s Director of Product Security helped draft industry standard HOUSTON, TX – April 19, 2022 – Velentium, a professional engineering firm that specializes in the design and...
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Case Study: Building a Partner Ecosystem to Win the Fight Against Opioid Withdrawal
Effective Opioid Response In the yearlong period ending April 2021, over 100,000 Americans died from drug overdose, the vast majority from synthetic opioids. An estimated 4 million of the 11 million...
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Velentium Partners with the University of Colorado Boulder for Medical Device Cybersecurity Course and Capstone Project
Focused on embedded cybersecurity and secure product development, the engineering firm plans to expand the program to universities around the country   HOUSTON, TX and BOULDER, CO –&#...
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Spark Biomedical and Velentium Honored by Fast Company as a 2022 World Changing Idea for Their Partnership in Developing the Sparrow Therapy System™
The companies partnered to design, develop and manufacture the medical device technology that provides a wearable neurostimulation solution for opioid withdrawal relief    HOUSTON – May 4,...
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The Benefits of Bariatric Care Beds Designed and Manufactured by Benmor Medical
Aurum+ Bariatric Bed The Aurum+ Bariatric Bed meets all the regular criteria of an acute bariatric bed with specially designed engineering features such as innovative stowable safety rails which can...
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Gemino signs Charta der Vielfalt
Gemino has signed the Charta der Vielfalt, an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Gemino is committed to creating a work environment that is free of prejudice and...
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Stansomatic has been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement
Stansomatic has been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement. EcoVadis has evaluated the activities of Stansomatic in the area of corporate social responsibility and...
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Introducing RPD-3500 quantitative rapid test kit reader - smaller, lighter, more affordable!
Since our participation in last year’s MEDICA Trade Fair, our creative Medical R&D team has developed a smaller and more affordable version of RADIA-G quantitative immunoassay reader -...
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Gemino: one of Western Europe’s 30 largest language service providers
Or: The advantages of independence The independent CSA Research institute has concluded its report for 2022. Gemino is delighted to once again be listed as one of the 30 largest LSPs in Western Europe.
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A new series of germicidal lamps. Let's get to know NBV Multi-directional->
CATEGORY: UV-C germicidal lamps | READING TIME: about 2 min. Since the global pandemic has been a real problem, not only seen in sci-fi movies, people's awareness of disinfection processes has...
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New Oncohematology products
Clonit, Innovation and Passion to serve Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) diagnosis and monitoring. We are pleased to announce the recent introduction of the new Oncohematology line of...
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