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Melet Schloesing Laboratoires
9, chaussee Jules César
95520 Osny, France

Phone: +33 1 30753000
Fax: +33 1 30731780

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Product Categories
Units and systems for clinical chemical determination  
Blood sampling material and systems for clinical chemistry  
Fully automatic units for clinical chemistry 1 Product
Haematology cell counters 7 Products
Cell counters with volumetric histogram differentiation  
Cell counters with cytochemical histogram differentiation  

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Enter the new dry chemistry world with the MScan-II!

This simple and flexible biochemistry analyzer realizes from 1 to 14 parameters to fits your need.

A simple 3 steps procedure as well as a drop of sample are needed to obtain a complete chemistry profile.


Haematology reagents

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Since 2000, MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires manufactures its own reagents in its Swiss facility, MELET SCHLOESING Pharmaceuticals.

Reagents are made of :
a diluant: ISOFLUX
a detergent: TRANSFLUX
a lysing reagent: ACTI-DIFF
an hemoglobin reference solution: HEMOREF
a rinse solution: RINSE

For 5-part-differential analyzers, an additional specific lysing reagent is necessary to differentiate the eosinophils : EO-DIFF

All reagents are available with different packaging adapted to our customers needs.


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Auto sampler

Managed by the MS9-3 or MS9-5, the M-Sampler pierces the cap of the sample tube, reads the patient ID barcodes and transfers the sample to the analyzer for analysis.

MS mix

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MS mix
An efficient mixing for better results

The MS mix blood tube rotator gives gentle but effective mixing for up to 12 blood sample tubes from 200 µl to 5 ml.



MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires is launching its new 'economical speedy HAEMATOLOGY Cell counter' , the MS4Se.

The MS4Se offers a complete and reliable 3-part-differential CBC with a throughput of 60 samples / hour, at a 'rock-bottom' affordable price.



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MELET SCHLOESING Laboratoires are proud to present their Haematology cell counter: The MS4s.

This analyzer offers 2 Possibilities in just one machine :

-3-Part-Diff : 60 samples/h

-5-Part-Diff : 40 samples/h

The MS4s is the analyzer that fits all your needs!


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The MS9-3s, a 3-part-differential analyzer is issued from the latest technological innovations brought to the MS9 range sold by thousands of units all over the world. The MS9-3s combines speed, performance and efficiency.

Fully automatic, the windows application available in the MS9-3s allows in addition a more user-friendly interface, a greater flexibility and a compatibility with all kinds of applications and printers.


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Discover a totally innovative concept in the field of 5-part-differential haematology analyzers : A unique power/compactness ratio with the MS9-5s ! With up to 70 tests per hour, it is also really quick!

Featuring fully digital powerfull electronics, a comfortable Windows ® user interface and a remarkably optimized mechanical system, its dimensions do not exceed those of a computerscreen.