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TBS- Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc. a Division of General Data Healthcare
3014 Croasdaile Drive
27705-2754 Durham, NC, USA

Phone: +1 844 643-1129
Fax: +1 919 384-9595

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Flotation Work Stations


A “Smart” Waterbath For Today’s Smart Labs

There are waterbaths...and then there is the Flotation Work Station. A practical design combined with innovative features and microprocessor-controlled electronics brings a host of features not found in any typical waterbath. Equip your histotechs with smart tools that enable them to produce the best possible slides.

Regulated Temperature Control Prevents Tissue Imperfections
Microprocessor-controlled precise temperature regulation assures control of temperature fluctuation
which prevents cracks and excessive separation of layers. Temperatures can be programmed to turn
on and off automatically.

Multiple Designs and Configurations To Best Fit Your Lab’s Needs
The small-footprint FWS-S and TFB-S models are ideal for crowded workspaces, and their deep-dish
design enables more efficient ribbon floating and pickup. Options include front and side slide drying
racks, a convection slide dryer and a HISTOOrientator™ pad for eliminating wrinkles.

Easy To Clean and Keep Clean
Histotechs like to keep their waterbaths clean, and we’ve made that process easier than ever. The
glass dish can be easily removed for cleaning, and all surface areas, including the chemical-resistant
plastic housing, are easily accessible for cleaning.

LED Light Array For Optimum Specimen Viewing
The Flotation Work Station gives histotechs significantly more visibility to their work than typical
waterbaths. Each unit is equipped with an LED light array strategically positioned on the side of
the glass dish away from the histotech so there’s maximum light on the ribbons with no glare. This
lighting works with the high-contrast background to give the histotech the best possible visibility.

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ID/Positive Laser Cassetter Marker


Maximize Work-flow Efficiencies With Barcode Technology

An effective specimen tracking and laboratory work-flow system depends on proper labeling of tissue cassettes with permanent, high-resolution barcodes.  ID/Positive™ cassette labelers provide labs
with a reliable means to mark cassettes with text and barcodes in both batch and ondemand lab work-flows.

Superior Technology For Automated Cassette Labeling & Barcode Identification
ID/Positive™ is designed to meet the most critical needs of laboratories that require a reliable
solution to mark, identify and track cassettes as part of a barcode-based specimen identification,
error-proofing and work-flow management system. Cassettes are permanently marked and positively
identified for the life of the cassette, from grossing through archiving.

Reliable, Permanent, Indelible Marking For True Positive Specimen Identification
Cassettes are marked using a focused low-power CO2 laser that ablates a special polymer coating on
the front of the cassette. It prints high-resolution, high-contrast alphanumeric text, linear barcodes,
and two-dimensional barcodes that scan quickly & easily. The print is extremely durable and able to
withstand the harsh reagents/solvents without fading or other damage.

Print Barcoded Cassettes at Multiple Points Throughout Your Lab
The CL-01 and the CL-12 give labs flexibility and options for printing barcodes on cassettes. The CL-
01’s small footprint enables it to be conveniently placed on a desk or workstation in the accessioning
or grossing area, or on a grossing bench under the hood. The CL-12 is ideal for cassette printing
at accessioning, allowing up to 12 different cassette types or colors without needing to change

Easy Design & Data Integration With Included LabeLase® Software
Data is sent to the ID/Positive™ Laser Cassette Marker from the LIS through the LabeLase software
interface. The software allows complete user control over the functionality of the laser marker,
including cassette location, data mapping, and assigning formats to different cassette types or data
sources. Formats are easily designed and edited, and supports both linear and two-dimensional
barcodes and TrueType fonts. The software also features a manageable print queue to pause, delete,
and re-prioritize jobs.

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ID/Positive ScanPrint Labeling System


High Performance Label Printer Optimized
For Use In The Lab

This unit deliver exceptional value, durability and performance
in a small-footprint desktop printer. It is ideal to print
StainerShield® XT slides labels, or any labels used in the lab.

• Rugged and reliable all-metal printer mechanism for continuous printing
• Die-cast metal user interface to withstand harsh environments
• Menu-driven LCD controls for easy set-up without a computer
• Full-communications suite (internal Ethernet, serial or parallel & USB ports)
• Print speeds up to 6 ips
• Real-time clock for date-and time-sensitive applications
• Large 8’ OD roll capacity for high-volume applications
• Best performance-to-size ration

On-Demand Slide Labeling Without Computer Workstation
ScanPrint™ system enables labs to scan cassette barcodes to print slide
labels on-demand at the microtome station. Labs can use ScanPrint™ to
quickly and accurately label slides with accession, block, stain and level
information in both text and barcode format.

No Computer, Special Software or LIS Interfacing Required
ScanPrint™ enables labs to add on-demand barcode slide labeling to
their work-flow without the need for an additional LIS module or other
special slide labeling software.

Stand-Alone System
ScanPrint™ system is comprised of a smart printer, mini-keyboard,
barcode scanner and customized protocol cards that contain the lab’s
specific protocol definitions.

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SHURCut Microtomes


A Unique Design And Other Special Features Make These Microtomes “A Cut Above The Rest”

SHURCut™ microtomes are designed with the operator’s needs in mind – precise and efficient cutting, automation, and user ergonomics. Each model’s solid construction, precision engineering and
reliable performance has established the SHURCut™ brand as the true workhorse in today’s high production labs.


Ergonomic Design Reduces Work-Related Repetitive Motion Stress Issues
Each model has unique features that designed for operator ease and comfort, including the
popular low-profile blade holder. The SC3500 & SC4500 models include a inclined hand-pad with
adjustable feet and long cord which allows it to be positioned on either side of the microtome for
personal comfort to minimize musculoskeletal issues.

Full Operator Control At Your Fingertips
User-friendly instrument panel provides precise control of sectioning and trimming functions,
START/STOP functions and easy switch over between preset trimming and sectioning modes.
Revolutions are displayed and automatically reset when switching modes.

Specimen Positioning Memory Function Automates Work-flow
The SC3500 & SC4500 models include an automatic specimen position memory function that
allows the user to remove a block for re-hydration or cooling, and, with a push of a button after
re-inserting the block, the electronic memory will reposition the specimen back to the original

Microprocessor Control For Precise Cutting
The SC4500 features microprocessor management of specimen advance, return, trim and
sectioning. The operator can switch between manual, continuous and single-stroke cutting modes
at the push of a button.


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SHURDry Slide Dryer III


Advanced Slide Drying Technology In An Innovative Design

SHURDry™ Slide Dryer III is the most recent advancement in rapid slide drying technology. The new design allows users to increase their productivity while maintaining superior results. Due to its precise controls, labs can use the SHURDry™ Slide Dryer III to accomodate many needs, including keeping paraffin liquified.

Unique Glass Doors and Sides Allow for Easy Monitoring
Lab personnel have a 180o view of the interior contents, making it easy to visually check the status of
items without opening the doors and losing heat.

Maintains Temperature for Maximum Efficiency
SHURDry™ III dual-speed fan keeps a constant temperature throughout the interior. When doors are
open the fan speed changes to minimize the loss of heat.

Large Capacity Interior Accommodates An Assortment Glassware & Racks
Adjustable shelf can accommodate any size slide rack, bowl or container.

Keeps Paraffin Liquefied in Between Runs
SHURDry™ III design makes storage of melted paraffin for microwave processing highly efficient. It
eliminates the need to remelt the paraffin and can save on waste & consumable cost.

Operator Defined Programs to Control Drying Times
The control panel utilizes six function keys that are available with two built-in timers for multi-user
drying times. Keys can be programmed to a different times and alarm sounds when a item is ready to be removed.




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