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New at FINA suction systems - Thorax drainage, water vacuum meter and mobile suction unit

New at FINA suction systems - Thorax drainage, water vacuum meter and mobile suction unit

Heraeus Med GmbH

Hanau Med, formerly known as Heraeus Med, is extending the successful FINA suction systems product range.

New FINA suction systems products: special controllers for thorax drainage, water vacuum meter and mobile suction unit.

As a new member of the globally active GETINGE Surgical Systems group and under the new name Hanau Med, Heraeus Med is now adding the previously announced special controllers for thorax drainage - FINA AIR T 50 and FINA VAC T 50 with a newly designed FINA water vacuum meter - to the innovative range of controllers, FINA suction systems. Also new is the FINA mobile suction unit for compressed air and vacuum.

With a low flow rate of 15.5 litres freeflow/minute and an extremely low vacuum of 50 mbar maximum, FINA AIR T 50 and FINA VAC T 50 are ideally suited to maintaining the vacuum in the thorax and to providing aspirations.

Like all other FINA suction systems devices, the new special controllers are distinguished by their modern, highly functional design, the unmistakably coded frontview pressure gauge, downward-leading hose endings and matt chromium-plated, corrosion-resistant brass body. They can be mounted to an equipment rail (German standard), to other equipment racks or for direct extraction from the central supply unit (MEDAP, German standard, and many other national standards).

The completely redesigned FINA water vacuum meter, optionally available for compressed air and vacuum controllers, supports the precise adjustment of the vacuum in the thorax area. An integrated fistula indicator reliably indicates any leakages of the thorax drainage system as well as fistulae of the patient. In contrast to conventional devices, the new FINA water vacuum meter significantly reduces the noise level formerly generated by air bubbles. A pressure relief valve as well as a check valve securely maintain the patient vacuum for a short period of time in the event of a failure of the central supply unit or during the replacement of the controller.

The second novelty, the FINA mobile suction unit for compressed air and vacuum, is intended for use in hospitals and special medical practices all over the world - wherever extremely high freeflow and independence from power supply are crucial. The key piece of the FINA mobile suction unit is a FINA AIR B 800 or a FINA VAC B 800 controller for bronchoaspiration, mounted to a stainless steel trolley. Each controller provides an extremely strong flow rate of 42 litres freeflow/minute (AIR) or 55 litres freeflow/minute (VAC), respectively. This allows the FINA mobile suction unit to quickly and reliably remove large quantities of secretion, blood and any other liquids from the wound area. The newly developed topview pressure gauge, which can be read from the patient side in any position, is rotatable by 360 degrees and easily removable for convenient, fast cleaning. It has a secure bayonet lock and a mechanical encoding to prevent a potential mismatch of body and manometer. As protection against oversuction, the FINA mobile suction unit has a mechanical overflow protection with an integrated floater that is autoclavable. Additional technical features are the internationally valid NIST connection nipple, the control valve for the precise adjustment of the vacuum, a vacuum meter and a shut-off valve.

Hanau Med offers the FINA mobile suction unit as a flexible modular system. Thus, the user does not
merely have the choice between a complete basic unit for vacuum or compressed air, but can also individually put together the matching surgical suction application set.


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