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MEDICA and COMPAMED: 16 - 19 November 2015 +++ NEW: Show days from Monday to Thursday +++ Visitor registration / eTicketing online required!
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New show days 2015 Monday to Thursday
16 - 19 November 2015

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A new "lab-on-a-disc" technology developed by an EU project research team can diagnose malaria and other febrile infectious diseases simultaneously in just an hour - allowing faster point-of-care treatment and precise drugs administration that could save thousands of lives.

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Topic of the Month April: The informed patient

Books, the internet, television, or rather listen to the neighbor’s advice? Patients with an interest in medicine and medical technology can find reports, information and opinions quickly and everywhere, even without a physician. We look at patients who look for information by themselves and how they (and physicians) fare with this. Read our Topic of the Month

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Exhibitor Registration 2015

Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015 in just a few steps! Your online registration will be sent directly to the Messe Düsseldorf Space Reservation Department.
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Photo: 2 people who are talking to each other Exhibitor registration Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2015!

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Final Press Release

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2014: Medical Device Technology Providers benefit from Strong International Response – Tailwinds for Export Business More ...

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Become a member of the Who is Who community and find suiting contact partners. Create your own profile and network with members from similiar professional branches or departments. Check out Who is Who

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Professor Niemeyer about the DGOU Cartilage Registry Read our interview

Unmanned flying helpers - Emergency care via drone

Using drones in emergency situations could soon become reality for hospitals. More videos


Topic of the Month

The informed patient
Read our Topic of the Month

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Mountain rescue: Can resuscitation be delayed?

01/04/2015 - A team of researchers lays the foundation for new resuscitation guidelines for severely hypothermic patients in cardiac arrest. read more

Why drug for type II diabetes makes people fat

30/03/2015 - Medication used to treat patients with type II diabetes activates sensors on brain cells that increase hunger, causing people taking this drug to gain more body fat, according to researchers at Georgia State University, Oregon Health and Science University, Georgia Regents University and Charlie Norwood Veterans Administration Medical Center. read more

Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain

27/03/2015 - How you feel pain is affected by where sources of pain are in relation to each other, and so crossing your fingers can change what you feel on a single finger, finds new University College London (UCL) research. read more

Good bone, bad bone

26/03/2015 - For people taking glucocorticoids such as prednisone, the increased risk of bone fracture is a well-documented side effect. Used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including autoimmune diseases and allergies, glucocorticoids are known to cause rapid deterioration in bone strength. Scientists explore a new parameter of bone quality that measures strength instead of density. read more

Scientists coax stem cells to form 3-D mini lungs

25/03/2015 - Scientists have coaxed stem cells to grow the first three-dimensional mini lungs. Previous research has focused on deriving lung tissue from flat cell systems or growing cells onto scaffolds made from donated organs. read more

Tuberculosis research takes off

25/03/2015 - For 80 years there was essentially a lull in tuberculosis research. Indeed, the last scientific breakthrough in 1921, the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine, still forms the central pillar of tuberculosis prevention. Now, scientists call for a global strategy for the development of new tuberculosis vaccines. read more

Strengthening the immune system’s fight against brain cancer

23/03/2015 - When cancer strikes, it may be possible for patients to fight back with their own defenses, using a strategy known as immunotherapy. According to a new study published in Nature, researchers have found a way to enhance the effects of this therapeutic approach in glioblastoma, a deadly type of brain cancer, and possibly improve patient outcomes. read more

'Missing culprit' in heart failure identified

23/03/2015 - Working with lab animals and human heart cells, scientists from Johns Hopkins and other institutions have identified what they describe as "the long-sought culprit" in the mystery behind a cell-signaling breakdown that triggers heart failure. read more

Trapping malaria mosquito mums before they lay eggs

20/03/2015 - In a world first, researchers have found that a naturally occurring chemical attracts pregnant malaria-transmitting mosquitoes - a discovery which could boost malaria control efforts. read more

Researchers show how fatty acids can fight prostate cancer

19/03/2015 - Washington State University researchers have found a mechanism by which omega-3 fatty acids inhibit the growth and spread of prostate cancer cells. The findings, which are at odds with a 2013 study asserting that omega-3s increase the risk of prostate cancer, point the way to more effective anti-cancer drugs. read more

Video: Mobile medical practices

Natural disasters occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Help has to be quick and flexible in attendance. At MEDICA 2014 exhibitors presented several mobile medical practices... More videos

Video: Communication platform for physical therapists

The MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE celebrated its premiere this year. Therefore the trade fair expands its offers and creates too a communication platform especially for... More videos

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