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Other countries, other standards - Medicine in an international context

Other countries, other standards - Medicine in an international context

Comparing international health care systems with one another is a challenge. All too often there is a lack of valid indicators and equipment to be able to apply successful programs of individual, nationally varying grown structures to another health care system. For starters, making the first step by taking an interested look at the bigger picture can help for instance to gather new ideas on how to handle new medical technology, medical standards and their implementations. And sometimes a self-assessment is also intriguing by critically examining characteristics in our own country. How can medical treatment services be implemented for immigrants for example? Find out more in our Topic of the Month.

Living in a foreign land: “So far different countries have responded quite differently to the psychosocial needs of immigrants“

Advertorial CSA International: International markets: You need competent partners if you want to make it”

A technical and ethical liaison: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, PGD, in the context of international reproductive medicine

The Fight Against Cancer: "In 30 countries of the world there is no equipment at all for treatment“

Dementia: An underestimated problem


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Video: Multimedia in hospitals: IT-revolution at the patient's bedside

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The day-to-day life is barely conceivable without technological innovations. Nearly everything is connected – the same applies increasingly to the health sector. Intelligent technical integration of patients’ beds into a hospital network allows more comfort for the patients and better working conditions for the medical staff.