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Most Recent Videos

Most Recent Videos

Here, you find the latest videos from the and Mhhoch4 editorial teams.


Unmanned flying helpers - Emergency care via drone

The willingness to donate blood in Germany is waning. Thus, it is increasingly important for central blood banks to provide blood and blood products to the hospitals in the quantity that is needed. Especially in large cities, strong traffic is a major problem for emergency transports. Small unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as “drones”, could soon provide relief in this difficult situation.


Centralized biobanks - Treasure troves of medical research

Most disciplines do not rely on paper libraries for their research. Working with tissue and fluid samples that have been donated by patients or healthy volunteers is necessary in medicine. Our camera takes a look at the inner workings of the centralized biomaterial bank at the RWTH Aachen University (RWTH cBMB). There, we learn more about data protection, technology and organization surrounding the storage of these biological samples.


Shortness of breath can be measured – pulmonary exercise testing

When a patient often suffers from shortness of breath, general practitioners, internists and even pneumologists are not always able to find the cause directly – since many factors control how patients themselves perceive shortness of breath. Pulmonary exercise testing and blood gas analyses refine diagnosis and provide more clues about the causes. At MEDICA 2014, three lung specialists explained how shortness of breath can be measured.


Rescue operation on the patient simulator - Practicing for an emergency

When an emergency call is answered by the dispatcher things need to move fast. The emergency response team should get to its destination as quickly as possible – and take care of the patient as a well-oiled machine. It is crucial that all team members remain calm, knowing that everyone knows what they need to do. ISIMED offers training courses for experts in Dresden to prepare them for an emergency response.



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