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Most Recent Videos

Most Recent Videos

Here, you find the latest videos from the and Mhhoch4 editorial teams.


Exhibitors of MEDICA 2014

More than 4,800 exhibitors from 67 nations have come to MEDICA 2014. We asked some of them about their tradefair impressions.

MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE: Communication platform for physical therapists

The MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE celebrates its premiere this year. Therefore the trade fair expands its offers and creates too a communication platform especially for physical therapists and physical education teachers.



What goes up, most come down. Extrem athlete Felix Baumgartner tried this with his supersonic freefall in the year 2012. Here at the MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE we are now talking to Prof. Jonathan Clark. He was the medical supervisor for the Red Bulls Stratos project.


Stress test in pneumology

With an extensive program of continued medical education the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE gives medical professionals the opportunity to extend their knowledge. One of these courses deals with different stress tests in pneumology. The speakers offer us a short glimpse at the topic.


Mobile medical practices: patients treating everywhere

Natural disasters occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Help has to be quick and flexible in attendance. At MEDICA 2014 exhibitors present several mobile medical practices also for disaster areas.


7 Tesla high field tomography: imaging in HD

Ultra high field imaging makes extremely high-resolution images possible. But this is not the only advantage in comparison to 1.5 and 3 Tesla tomography. The 7 Tesla MRI supersedes the use of contrast media because it natively provides images in HD quality. Nevertheless, it is only used in research so far. Dr. Lale Umutlu and Prof. Harald Quick want to change that.


Cancer research – physical plasmas to combat tumor cells

When a tumor is removed, single cells or cell clusters can remain at the wound edges. They could eventually make another surgery necessary. Prof. Hans-Robert Metelmann and Dr. Christian Seebauer outline in our video how physical plasmas could be used here in the future. Dr. Kai Masur from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. (INP Greifswald) explains how plasmas turn off tumor cells.


Students teaching students – Training of physiotherapists

Physiotherapy students have to apply a lot of theoretical knowledge into practice. Especially therapeutic measures have to be known inside out. Therefore, the RWTH Aachen has produced learning videos which can be accessed by it’s students at any time. And the best thing about this is: The videos have been produced during classes by the students themelves. We spoke with Professor Hans-Christoph Pape and Ulrike Schemmann of the School for Physiotherapy (RWTH Aachen University Hospital) who provided guidance for the project.


Word of welcome by the Conference President

Conference President Professor Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Hendrik Lehnert explains what visitors can expect from the 2014 edition of the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE.

Source: DGIM

Back pain - does relief come from sport medicine?

Prof. Frank Mayer from the University of Potsdam talks about nonspecific back pain and deficits of the neuromuscular system in the trunk that are a possible cause. A German network researches tools to diagnose, prevent and treat these deficits and the resulting back pain. Jürgen Fischer and Dr. Peter Stehle from the German Federal Institute of Sports Science (German: Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft) explain the backgrounds of the project “Back Pain”. Its results are intended to be of use not only in professional sports but also for the general public.


MEDICA 2014 - Be part of the No. 1!

Experience the world's largest medical fair in Düsseldorf! Experience the MEDICA 2014!



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