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Most Recent Videos

Most Recent Videos

Here, you find the latest videos from the and Mhhoch4 editorial teams.


Individually adapted radiotherapy

A radiation therapy which targets tumors in the head or neck area often requires extensive planning. In addition, the irradiated area can change during treatment, for example when a patient looses a lot of weight. A new software, developed at Fraunhofer Institute MEVIS in Bremen/Germany, could help physicians to work more efficiently and save a lot of time in the future.


Networking in OR: Secure and dynamic with OR.NET

A lot of electronic devices have to work together flawlessly in the OR to ensure a procedure’s success. This does not always work, because different manufacturers use different communication systems. The partners working together in the OR.Net project want to change this by creating one standard for the networking of devices. Prof. Hans Clusmann and Prof. Rolf Roissant from the University Hospital at the RWTH Aachen explain in our video how surgeons and patients can profit from this.


MEDICA 2015 - Be part of it!

Experience the world's largest medical fair in Düsseldorf! Experience the MEDICA 2015!


CUBEX41 – Makes room for innovations

The CUBEX41 – as an innovative center for startups and competences in the field of medical technology – offers everything that is important for the success of an idea and for the growth of a company itself. Therefore, had a deeper look inside the operating room that is located in the center.



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