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The rich, sick life – civilization diseases

The rich, sick life – civilization diseases

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Diseases that are on the rise due to our lifestyle and therefore appear in the majority of the population are called civilization diseases or widespread diseases. They include, for example, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or obesity. But even cancer or psychological illnesses like depression are meanwhile counted as such. All these diseases have one thing in common: they can be influenced by a healthy lifestyle!

Mind in distress: Mental afflictions are the new civilization disease

Global Epidemics: “There is a worldwide advance”

Research: Study Gives Clues to How Obesity Spreads Socially


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Video: Lung cancer - causes and diagnosis

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Smoking harms you and your environment! That is well know, nevertheless you can see many people outside with a cigarette in their hand. The reason: The course of lung cancer is often unnoticed. This leads to a late diagnosis – which leaves little time for doctors and patients to fight the disease. But there is hope: In future, a blood test may be able to give evidence if lung cancer is present or not.

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