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“Bagpiper and the Queen Facsimile”

“Bagpiper and the Queen Facsimile”

Since then the company exhibits at the fair each year. spoke to the constant exhibitor about the first MEDICA, Eisbine and the year 2049. With which products did you come on the first MEDICA?

Vitalograph: The Vitalograph revolutionary office spirometer with the prototype Digital Meter were presented by my father Dietmar Garbe and our salesman Albert Von Allworden at the first MEDICA. A spirometer is a device for measuring lung function. The Vitalograph was the first to take spirometry out of the laboratory and into the doctor’s office. That was in the year 1969 - the time of Hippies and Flower power. If you remind yourselves, was there anything unexpected or humorous regarding the first MEDICA or took place?

Vitalograph: The first MEDICA was in the town hall. Another landmark event in a very exciting year, man on the moon, Pele’s 1000 goals, Concorde’s first flight, Monty Python on TV... Can you remember, which MEDICA years were the most exciting and why?

Vitalograph: The 25th year MEDICA presentation by the mayor was exciting for us. Also the year we had a bagpiper and the queen facsimile on the stand. Hotel horror and boat hotels – but hotels are still a problem today. Goose time is fabulous for overseas visitors and Eisbine (just once in the year). But above everything else, my outstanding memory is 2003 when England became Rugby World Champions against Australia: A big screen TV, an exciting, close match with celebrations and beer on the Australian Trade Commission stand in Hall 17. The MEDICA celebrates this year their 40. Birthday - Vitalograph is one of only one handful of exhibitors, who were really year by year again and again there. Wherein does the close connection between MEDICA and your enterprise lie?

Vitalograph: MEDICA has always been an important shop window for German doctors and it continues to be so. We are delighted to show our excelent products against our competitor’s offerings. In the past 15 years MEDICA has successfully ousted Intermedical and FAB to become the show of choice for international distributors. The expansion of the MEDICA and it’s increasing internationalisation brings us new contacts in the emerging markets as well as an opportunity to maintain our existing business partners. MEDICA is an excellent showcase for our innovative new products. From 40 years from the past to a view 40 years into the future. How will the MEDICA be in the year 2049 and with which will Vitalograph be thereby?

Vitalograph: We used to have snow every year at the MEDICA, now we hardly ever see it in Dusseldorf. So in 2049 we expect to be guests at the MEDICA party on the beach that used to be the Rhine. Vitalograph is a third generation family company and in 2049 I hope my children and grandchildren will be presenting our innovative new products at the MEDICA, just as my father did in 1969.

The interview was conducted by Simone Heimann


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