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Topic of the Month March: Blood

Plastics: Body Automatically Breaks Down Implants

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Photo: Child Fracture [19/09/2013] Researchers from Graz University of Technology, together with colleagues from the Medical University of Graz, Vienna University of Technology and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, have managed to develop absorbable implants to promote bone healing which are broken down by the body. Plastics: Body Automatically Breaks Down Implants - Read more

Laser: Precise Printing of Biomaterials

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Photo: LIFT method [31/07/2013] At the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, an interdisciplinary team of researchers is working on a method for transferring biomaterials and on innovative systems technology.Laser: Precise Printing of Biomaterials - Read more

Hydrogels: Algae Polymer Ribbons for Better Healing

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Photo: Endothelial cells [29/07/2013] Freiburg researchers have developed novel hydrogels for tissue regeneration that promotes the proper organization of human cells and that can be fine-tuned to fit any body part.Hydrogels: Algae Polymer Ribbons for Better Healing - Read more

Diagnostics: Cell Separation in Microchannels

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[24/06/2013] Cancer is a malicious disease: Even after a tumor has been removed, cancer cells may still be circulating through the blood and cause metastases in other organs. These cells have to be detected early, since metastases drastically reduce the chances of recovery. A newly developed cell separation system may be able make diagnoses more reliable.Diagnostics: Cell Separation in Microchannels - Read more

Physics: Supercomputer Shows HIV Capsid

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Photo: HIV capsid [31/05/2013] Researchers report that they have determined the precise chemical structure of the HIV capsid, a protein shell that protects the virus's genetic material and is a key to its virulence.Physics: Supercomputer Shows HIV Capsid - Read more

Implants: Biomaterial Could Improve Success

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Photo: Collagen build-up [16/05/2013] Expensive, state-of-the-art medical devices and surgeries often are thwarted by the body’s natural response to attack something in the tissue that appears foreign. University of Washington (UW) engineers have demonstrated a way to prevent this. Implants: Biomaterial Could Improve Success - Read more

The Future of Personalized Implants: Biologized, Adaptable, Biodegradable

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[02/01/2013] The personalization of medical devices is a growing trend and for good reason. With the help of different procedures, researchers design implants and prosthetics that are not just adapting perfectly to the organism, but that can also biodegrade. Yet to what extent is the new generation of these types of medical devices already useful for the patient?The Future of Personalized Implants: Biologized, Adaptable, Biodegradable - Read more

Biopolymer: Interfacing Biological and Artificial Systems

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Photo: Polymer [14/12/2012] In their recently published article researchers from the University of Tokyo describe how developments in synthesis techniques have liberated the polymer MPC’s potential for a huge range of medical and biological applications.Biopolymer: Interfacing Biological and Artificial Systems - Read more

Probiotics Industry: New Polymer Research

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[06/09/2011] A protective delivery vehicle that shuttles friendly bacteria safely through the stomach to the intestines could provide a major boost for the probiotics industry. The new technology could also be used for the delivery of certain drugs and even increase calcium absorption, according to research at the University of York.Probiotics Industry: New Polymer Research - Read more

Medical Textiles: Fabrics in the Belly

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The surface structure of a fabric [01/11/2009] It is not just fashion victims that cherish cotton, viscose and polyester. Also medicine takes advantage of the variability of textile fibres inside and outside the human body. This is one topic of this year's special show MEDICA VISION at MEDICA 2009. Medical Textiles: Fabrics in the Belly - Read more

Substances: Material Rush Hits Medicine (Part 1)

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[15/12/2008] by Wiebke Heiss / Bronze Age or Iron Age, gold rush or diamond fever - epochs and phenomena show that man always wanted one thing: material. A huge leap in human development almost always occurs in concordance with the discovery or use of certain materials. That is also true for medicine. Substances: Material Rush Hits Medicine (Part 1) - Read more


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