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Overview on the Talks

Current interview: Smartphones and apps in geriatrics

Photo: Older woman walks with rollator

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Many end-users already have had a smartphone that counts steps and apps that help in disease prevention for a long time. But in professional medical use environments like hospitals and physicians' offices these little helpers are just arriving - or not even there yet. Still, these gadgets can make assessments easier and more precise. For example in geriatrics.

Prof. Clemens Becker explains in the interview with why geriatricians should use modern gadgets, why commercial apps are barely suited for older people and why the assessment of someone's walking steadiness means more than counting steps.

Geriatrics: walking better with smartphones

3 questions to ... Dr. Florian Eckhardt, DST - Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH

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More and more people suffer from allergies and food intolerances. Laboratory diagnosis for these often takes long and can be inaccurate. Healthcare practitioners increasingly rely on point-of-care tests to avoid costly laboratory tests and quickly find solutions for their patients.

In our interview, Dr Florian Eckhardt talks about the state of the art in allergy testing, the use of point-of-care-tests and MEDICA 2015.

Nutrition: finding intolerances in the blood

Interviews Concerning Health Politics


Giuseppe Ramos

Health is human's most precious resource. Due to the fact that this applies to every individual health care politics become to an interesting and sometimes quite explosive topic. talks to managers, politicians and other experts about current political decisions and happenings.

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Business Interviews

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What is happening on the market for medical products? Important technologies, national and international markets, news from companies - all these topics are important subjects when talks to experts about current developments in business concerned with health.

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Interviews Concerning Innovations

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Nataliia Natykach

Discoveries, devices, technologies - medicine is an important driving force behind myriads of innovations. Experts and inventors provide information about potentials and sometimes risks concerned with new treatments while talking to

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Current Interviews

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