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Overview on the Talks

Current Interview: Customized Implants cover bones optimally

Photo: knee implant

© Christian Lüring

It may fits, but somewhere it still tweaks. Although a suit off the rack serves its purpose, it is still far from being an ideal solution. With a custom made heart it is different: Here everything fits perfectly. It is similar with implants. Often patients complain about the fact that those implants feel strange. 3D printing is on the best way to change this. Here, the implants are adapted to the carrier. However, as with a suit, quality also has its price.

On Prof. Christian Lüring, Director of the Orthopaedic Clinic in Dortmund, explains how the 3D procedure works, the use of cobalt-chron alloys and why the future of 3D printing can be compared to motor sports.

Customized Implants cover bones optimally

3 questions to ... Florian Lupfer-KusenBerg, Tunstall GmbH

Photo: Smiling man with short brown hair

© Andreas Hoffmannbeck

Nowadays, everyone has access to his stored data and is able to work with them on different devices - thanks to the cloud. By now, online data storage plays a role in medicine as well: patient data can be collected digitally and centrally, authorized personnel can access it to make the fastest and best patient care possible.

In the interview with, Florian Lupfer-Kusenberg explains how telehealthcare is able to relief physicians, the current networking trend and how telehealth devices for the domestic use can be designed to appeal to patients.

Telehealthcare: networking brings relief

Interviews Concerning Health Politics


Giuseppe Ramos

Health is human's most precious resource. Due to the fact that this applies to every individual health care politics become to an interesting and sometimes quite explosive topic. talks to managers, politicians and other experts about current political decisions and happenings.

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Business Interviews

Photo: Money


What is happening on the market for medical products? Important technologies, national and international markets, news from companies - all these topics are important subjects when talks to experts about current developments in business concerned with health.

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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Photo: Light bulb

Nataliia Natykach

Discoveries, devices, technologies - medicine is an important driving force behind myriads of innovations. Experts and inventors provide information about potentials and sometimes risks concerned with new treatments while talking to

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Current Interviews

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