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Interviews Concerning Innovations

Interviews concerning innovations

Inventions, technologies, devices - something new always happens in the field of medical technology. Experts, researchers and inventors talk about prospects of new treatments and sometimes also their dangers - on


Building bridges between technology and marketing

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Photo: Secretary Svenja Schulze talks with students [23/11/2015] Marketing has become an indispensable tool. Who nowadays wants to establish a product on the market has to recognize and implement the interests and needs of the customer. Prof. Uwe Kleinkes leads the study program "Technical Management and Marketing" at the Hamm-Lippstadt University. Here students learn, among other things, to develop ideas, to communicate them and to convince the customer.Building bridges between technology and marketing - Read more

Review from MEDICA 2015

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[23/11/2015] MEDICA and COMPAMED were running from 16 - 19 November 2015 in Düsseldorf. Our editorial team was there for you.Review from MEDICA 2015 - Read more

European hospitals: patient-orientation is key

[19/11/2015] Putting the patient at the center stage, meaning to give him an active role and really interacting with him – this sounds like the obvious thing to do in healthcare. But to what extent does this actually happen in hospitals and how can it become common practice everywhere in Europe? The EUROPEAN HOSPITAL CONFERENCE, taking place at MEDICA every two years, addresses these questions in 2015.European hospitals: patient-orientation is key - Read more

Exhibitor voices of MEDICA 2015

[18/11/2015] Again this year the MEDICA trade fair is the centre for medical news and innovations from all over the world. This image gallery shows you some of the many international exhibitors, who present their products on the trade fair. This is what the exhibitors of MEDICA 2015 say. Exhibitor voices of MEDICA 2015 - Read more

Heidi Dohse: From hospital bed back to racing bike with wearables

[18/11/2015] Sometimes, your situation seems hopeless and you just have to deal with it. Or so it seems at least. What can one do who chooses swimming instead of sinking? One example is Google-Manager Heidi Dohse who resorts to wearables to lead an active life as an athlete despite arrhythmia and pacemakers. She will talk about this at MEDICA MEDICINE+SPORTS CONFERENCE 2015.Heidi Dohse: From hospital bed back to racing bike with wearables - Read more


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