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Topic of the Month May: Obesity

Topic of the Month May: Obesity

Photo: Obese man

Bad nutrition, too little physical activity and the genetic loading: together these factors can lead to strong overweight. Starting with a BMI of 30 this is a disease – obesity. More and more people are affected therefrom worldwide.

Read more about the consequences of this development and news about the disease on's Topic of the Month May.


Operating tables and beds in xxl – hospitals will need more therefrom in the next years. Studies prove that more and more people become fatter. German hospitals attach weight to a future problem, namely to provide obese people adequate, different. - Vision of the Future: Show of Strength at the Sickbed talked with Doctor Jürgen Hermann Reus, the founder of the obesity centre Karlsruhe about plastic surgery. Reus is specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery and member at the German Association for Plastic, Re-constructive and Aesthetic surgeons (DGPRÄC). - Surgery: "The Abdominal Wall is Built Like a Bee-Sting Cake"


The rate of obesity in the United States has doubled in the last 30 years, and those extra pounds weigh on companies’ bottom lines, according to a new report from The Conference Board. - Obesity: U.S. Companies Pay as Much as $45 Billion a Year


Women who are obese when they are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer are at a greater risk of dying of their disease than women of normal weight.

- Breast Cancer: Obese Women More Likely to Die


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