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Topic of the Month December: Hospital Equipment

Topic of the Month December: Hospital Equipment

Graphic of Proton Therapy Centre Essen in Germany

Hospitals undergo constant change - not just because pressure grows due to changes in the health care system. Innovations support the patient's health, hospitals have to be equipped regarding the current standard of research.

Equipment for and from hospitals - that is the Topic of the Month December at


More and more people become more and more thick. If this trend continues hospitals have to prepare and to take steps forward to assure a good acommodation. But often the financial capital is missing. - Heavy Weight: Challenge for Hospital Staff and Technology


Infections with antibiotics-resistant germs in hospitals are dangerous. Germany meanwhile declared war on these bacteria by launching hygiene principles. Bioactive curtains come onto the market. They are to provide more hygiene by killing bacteria. Experts are rather skeptical. - Bacteria: Bioactive Curtains Possibly not Able to Establish within Hygiene


At the University Medical Center Essen in Germany, the first university proton therapy center is now emerging. By the end of 2009, it is said to be finished with the first patients undergoing treatment. talked with Kai Züger from corporate controlling of the University Medical Center Essen about the planned equipment. - Proton Therapy Center in Essen: The Focus Is Put on Functionality


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