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Special: Laboratory Medicine

Special: Laboratory Medicine

Photo: A syringe with a drop of blood

It just takes a little pain - the doctor often does not need more than a drop of blood for the lab. However, an illness can also be detected with other kinds of procedures.

Up-to-date news about diagnostics can be seen in's Special Laboratory Medicine.


Young women at risk of having a pulmonary embolism should first undergo a ventilation/perfusion lung scan (V/Q scan) rather than a CT angiogram, conclude researchers. - Pulmonary Embolism: Nuclear Medicine Can Be First Choice


Researchers have developed microchip capable of quickly identifying dangerous and drug resistant bacteria in clinical samples. - Quick: Microchip Test for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


Three inflammatory cytokines seem to be early biological markers of Type 2 diabetes. They may be used to predict future incidences of this diabetes among apparently healthy people. - Markers: Predicting Diabetes in Still-Healthy People


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