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ME 411, the New High Performance Electrosurgical Unit

ME 411, the New High Performance Electrosurgical Unit

Martin Medizin Technik

The Innovation Motor in High Gear:
ME 411, the New High Performance Electrosurgical Unit in the Martin Product Range

The new Martin ME 411 combines the proven design and layout of controls of the Martin ME 401 with most sophisticated safety features in neutral electrode monitoring and bipolar coagulation and further advances in operative performance.

Strong and reliable performance paired with the most advanced safety concept: Martin ME 411

Active Leakage Current Neutralization and Patient Control System
Not just monitoring but actively neutralizing RF-Leakage current, the Martin ME 411 sets a new safety standard in electrosurgery. The Patient Control System (PCS) monitors the neutral electrode, adjusting to changing conditions thus virtually excluding burns due to displaced neutral electrodes or failure of the patient plate. These two features make the ME 411 the frontrunner in further securing the health and well being of patients reducing the likely hood of accidents in the OR to virtually nil.

Intelligent Monitoring of Cable Connection
The sockets of the ME 411 prevent unsuitable accessories being connected to the unit. In addition to the mechanical prepositions, the electronics within the unit will monitor whether non-standard disposable pencils are connected correctly. This Martin-Only feature ,,Pin-Error Control" will prevent incorrectly attached pencils being operated plus the user is informed through the display panel.

Double Safety
Safety is good, back-up is better: The Martin ME 411 is controlled and permanently monitored in all functions by two independently working micro processors. These top end devices do not just back up each other; they also control each other.

Perfect Coagulation - Build In
No bleeding after coagulation. No sticking of tissue to the active electrode. The ME 411 offers the bipolar auto-coagulation mode that stops the coagulation at the correct moment. Not before and not after!

ME 411 to Suit Micro Surgery and High Power Demanding Applications
Progressive power setting allows watt by watt setting for low power application such as for microsurgery. Maximum power exceeds 320 Watts covering all requirements, and all with a simple adjustment of the controls.

Real Automatic - Even for Individualists!
An automatic unit that needs controls is not automatic! The "dynamic output control" of the Martin ME 411 automatically adjusts the power used and needed for the different consistency of muscle tissue and fat touched by the electrode. The result is a non-waving cutting result no matter the resistance whereas most other brand of electrosurgery units produce a different performance for different consistencies. The necessary individual skill level of a surgeon still however remains in the hands of the surgeon.

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