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Topic of the Month April: Cardiology 2007

Topic of the Month April: Cardiology 2007

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For people who don´t have the heart to throw out their dead potted plant a psychotherapist rather than a cardiologist might be the right address.

The best option for all other heart affairs is Cardiology, the Topic of the Month April on


US researchers found a new indicator that clearly shows that aerobic exercise decreases inflammation processes in the body und increases tumour necrosis factors. - Exercise: Why Aerobic Is Good for the Heart


Generally healthy African Americans may be at a higher risk of heart failure than other major U.S. racial or ethnic groups. The reasons are racial variations in the heart muscle’s pumping ability, a study suggests. - Heart Pumping: Variations in Different Ethnic Groups


For patients with acute coronary syndromes who undergo perutaneous coronary interventions low-dose Aspirin seems to be just as effective as high dose Aspirin to prevent clotting complications. However, the low dose reduces the risk of major bleeding. - Aspirin: Low-Dose Beats High-Dose


A study has shown that although coronary artery bypass graft surgery with the use of cardiopulmonary bypass (on-pump CABG) is associated with cognitive decline, avoiding cardiopulmonary bypass (off-pump CABG) has no effect on cognitive outcomes. - CABG Surgery: Equal Outcomes for On- and Off-Pump


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