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Topic of the Month December: Anaesthesia & Intensive Medicine

Topic of the Month December: Anaesthesia & Intensive Medicine

The first narcosis is mentioned in the Bible: God made Adam fall into a deep sleep before he removed his rib. Today anaesthetists all over the world send millions of people into this painless state.

Results of the latest research are presented in the Topic of the Month December Anaesthesia & Intensive Medicine.


Multiple organ failure is the main cause of death in intensive care units. In the hospital, once patients have been discharged from the intensive care unit, the main causes of death are malignant tumours and exacerbation of cardiovascular disease. - Hospital: Main Cause of Death in Intensive Care Units


Staying in a room in the intensive care unit previously occupied by a patient with treatment-resistant bacteria may increase the odds of acquiring such bacteria, according to a report. - Intensive Care Unit: Transmitting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


Giving elderly patients certain general anaesthetics could increase their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other memory and attention problems. Anaesthetists need furthermore to log more carefully the combinations and doses of the anaesthetics they give to patients, to allow the risks to be properly assessed. - Operation: Alzheimer's Alarm over Anaesthetics


After a major intensive-care invention support from hospital staff and family is an important factor in preventing post-traumatic stress disorder. - ICU: Social Support Improves Mental Health


New articles (currently added): - Intensive Care Unit: Large Variations in Costs


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