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LEA Medizintechnik

Optical Detection by Laser and White Light

It is widely known that blood flow provides the human cells with essential nutrients and oxygen - living tissue depends on such an efficient oxygen supply.
So it would be desirable if the healing process at bigger wounds or transplantations could be examined by a fast and easy detection of the oxygen supply in the region of interest. In case of insufficient blood-flow actions by the physician could be taken immediately without any loss of time caused by laboratory tests.

Among other things the insufficient blood-flow at the lower extremities of diabetics can cause complications like the "diabetic foot". In such cases the fast recording of the blood-flow and oxygen supply opens totally new opportunities for diagnosis and purposeful therapies.

LEA Medizintechnik has succeeded in developing a world novelty for monitoring of blood flow and oxygen supply by laser and white light simultaneously. The non-invasive examinations by the new probe are feasible directly at the patient. This new method calls itself technical "optical probe based system for determination of the blood-flow, oxygen saturation and amount of hemoglobin in tissue". Dr. Krug explains: "The decisive breakthrough is the construction of the probe which allows recordings in a matter of seconds of the vital parameters of oxygen supply to tissue in different depth of tissue simultaneously".


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